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Welcome to Year One 

Welcome to 1ST class page. It has, already, been a busy start to the year. The children have settled well into the routine of Year One and are already working hard. The children have been learning about the Behaviour Buddies and how they can aspire to be more like them. 


The Learning Behaviour Buddies are:

Oscar the Owl (who can focus on the task and manages his distractions).


Picture 1

Mandy Meerkat (who works well as part of a team)


Picture 1

Connie Cat (who is a good independent learner)


Picture 1

Terry the Tortoise (who never gives up and perseveres)


Picture 1

Geoffrey Giraffe (who rises to the challenge)


Picture 1


Dixie Dolphin (who is an excellent communicator)


Kelso's Choices

To help us become more independent in the classroom and at break times we have been learning about Kelso's Choices. Kelso helps us to decide if something in our play or learning is a small problem or a big problem. Through deciding if something is a big problem or a small problem it gives the children clear strategies to help them resolve without always needed help from an adult. The children have already started using the strategies to help them resolve problems.


We have been learning about the way that we can resolve small problems at school ourselves using Kelso’s Choices. This may be telling someone to stop what they are doing as it is making you sad or frustrated, choosing to play a different game if someone isn’t playing it nicely or walking away if someone is making you cross. 


Growth mind-set is an important part of our learning ethos. We have been teaching the children that we can all learn through getting things wrong and making mistakes.


Terrific Transport 

We have now started our topic ‘Terrific Transport’. We have started this by looking at how transport has changed from the past up until now. This was brought to life by our trip to the Ipswich Transport Museum. The children really enjoyed learning about all the different types of transport from a Penny Farthing to an Electric Tram. They were able to sit on the vehicles and go on pretend journeys. The children did some fantastic writing and pictures of their time at the museum on their return to school.