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We have completed a science investigation this week after receiving a message in a bottle from Blackbeard, he asked us to find out how to clean his dirty doubloons. We tried some different liquids to see what cleaned best. The results showed that white distilled vinegar and lemonade were the best cleaning solutions to use. In golden time we have been pirates and in Literacy this week we have been writing poetry based on the story we have been reading called the Robot and the Bluebird.

Science investigation, pirate role play and poetry

Welcome to 2BP so far this year we have already settled into our new routines and have revisited our learning buddies to help us develop and improve our resilience and perseverence as learners.  Our Eco school representative is continuing from Year 1 and we have voted for our new class school councillors. We have once again began our partner work and we have been pracitising place value and 10's and 1's this week. We now have access to an exciting new spelling programme called Spellingframe; your child's individual login is in their diary and they can now learn their weekly spellings by practising online at home.

Maths Place Value partner work

Maths Place Value partner work 1
Maths Place Value partner work 2
Maths Place Value partner work 3
Maths Place Value partner work 4
Maths Place Value partner work 5
Maths Place Value partner work 6
Maths Place Value partner work 7
Maths Place Value partner work 8
Maths Place Value partner work 9
Maths Place Value partner work 10
Maths Place Value partner work 11
Maths Place Value partner work 12
Maths Place Value partner work 13
Maths Place Value partner work 14
Maths Place Value partner work 15
Maths Place Value partner work 16

Our representatives for 2BP

Our representatives for 2BP 1
Our representatives for 2BP 2
On Thursday 27th September we visited the Ipswich Transport Museum in Cobhan Road. We had a great time, we travelled over the Orwell Bridge and had an amazing view of sailing boats on the River Orwell. We were able to climb and explore buses, trams and fire engines that had all at one time been used to carry passengers around Ipswich. At the end of the visit the ITM kindly gave all the children a free admission ticket so they can visit again before the end of the year.

Ipswich Transporrt Museum

Ipswich Transporrt Museum 1
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 2
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 3
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 4
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 5
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 6
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 7
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 8
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 9
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 10
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 11
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 12
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 13
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 14
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 15
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 16
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 17
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 18
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 19
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 20
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 21
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 22
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 23
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 24
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 25
Ipswich Transporrt Museum 26

To complete our Terrific Transport topic we made our own model vehicles. The children designed their vehicle of choice and then proceeeded to make them in stages. The stages were as follows:

  • cut boxes to size and shape to fit a base
  • fix pegs under the base to hold axles for wheels
  • paint the model body white
  • paint the body of the vehicles the base colour of their designs
  • paint the wheels
  • fix the body to the base
  • add detail
  • fix axles to wheels

The children really took time and effort to make their models like their designs, the very last thing they did was evaluate their designs and think about what they changed or would like to add when they make models again. At the end we photographed each child proudly displaying their model.

Heroes and Villains

This week to begin our topic we have learnt about Guy Fawkes and Goldilocks. We spent an afternoon this week working on our oracy skills, identifying the story first by clues, then retelling it chronologically, before thinking about it in a different way and discussing what we thought she should do. We imagined she was a little girl of 3 or 4 and decided she had got lost from her parents, she had been alone in the wood and there were some very dangerous animals around, what should she do? Stay in the wood or go in the house with the bears?

Conscience Alley

Still image for this video
Goldilocks, should she go in the house or stay in the woods?
This week learnt about why we wear poppies and Remembrance Day. We had already made poppies for the Co-op on Norwich Road, but now we understand what they represent and why they are sold each year. We also made body skeletons in Science which was great fun.

Remembrance and Science

Remembrance and Science  1
Remembrance and Science  2
Remembrance and Science  3
Remembrance and Science  4
Remembrance and Science  5
Remembrance and Science  6
Remembrance and Science  7
Remembrance and Science  8
Remembrance and Science  9
Remembrance and Science  10
Remembrance and Science  11
Remembrance and Science  12
Remembrance and Science  13
Remembrance and Science  14
Remembrance and Science  15
Remembrance and Science  16
Remembrance and Science  17