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This week we have been learning about food chains. Can you explain to your parents the meaning of some of these words?






I will put the definitions of these up on the website next week so you can see whether you were correct.

Day 2

Day 2 1
Day 2 2
Day 2 3
Day 2 4

Cress Seeds Day 1

Cress Seeds Day 1 1 Water and Sunlight
Cress Seeds Day 1 2 Sunlight and no water
Cress Seeds Day 1 3 Water and no sunlight
Cress Seeds Day 1 4 No water and no sunlight

Wednesday 10th June 2015


As part of our Wildlife Watch topic we have been learning about plant and how they grow.  We have looked at seeds and know that they need to germinate.


We are carrying out a scientific experiment, looking to see what conditions are best for seeds to germinate.  The different conditions are: light and water, no light and water, no water and light and no light or water.   We have predicted which seeds will germinate the quickest.  We think it will be light and water.


We will put some pictures on the website to show how our seeds are progressing.

2EW - We have been busy concentrating when writing our own superhero stories!

2EW - We have been busy concentrating when writing our own superhero stories! 1
2EW - We have been busy concentrating when writing our own superhero stories! 2

Florence Nightingale Role Play


On Friday we learnt about Florence Nightingale.  The children discovered what it was like in hospitals during the Crimean War before Florence Nightingale and her nurses arrived.  The children didn't like the idea of being treated in a hospital which was dirty, smelly and had rats running on the floor.  We then imagined that we were nurses who cleaned up the hospital and treated the patients.   The children all had lots of fun taking turns as nurses and patients.  I think that there are a few children in this class who could become nurses when they grow up s they were able to take great care over each other.

In year 2 we have been learning about different types of words.  The children have been able to use a wide range of vocabulary in their writing. 


When you are reading a home see whether you can spot these different types of words in your reading books.  If you spot an adverb I will be VERY impressed!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Today we designed our own super heroes!

Today we designed our own super heroes! 1

I hope you have all had a SUPER half term holiday and are ready to jump back into learning as you return to school.  We will begin the half term thinking about super heroes and will have great fun thinking about the different super powers we could have. 

See you all on Monday.

Amazing Story Writing!

Amazing Story Writing! 1
Amazing Story Writing! 2
Amazing Story Writing! 3
Amazing Story Writing! 4

This is a selection of the fantastic stories that Year 2 have been writing this morning.  We have been looking at the story of Sleeping Beauty and each child has managed to change the story slightly to give it their own unique twist! I haven't had chance to read them all yet but I am sure I will be very proud of every single one.

Well done 2EW.

Tuesday 20th January 2014


The first two weeks back at school have dissapeared very quickly.  The children have loved starting their new topic of castles and we are all looking forward to our trip next week.  The children can now all name different parts of a Motte and Bailey castle and a Norman stone castle and can explain why they were built like this.


In Literacy the children have been watching a video clip called 'The Dragon Slayer' and have been doing some amazing creative writing about it.  Some of our class have been very lucky and have been visiting other classes this week for Read Write inc lessons.


In Maths we have been learning a new, and very grown up, skill - we can now solve multiplication problems.  The children can now explain how to solve a calculation using repeated addition and grouping.

For example

4 x 2 = (would be read by the children as 4 groups of 2). 

The picture below shows how they would solve the calculation.



Picture 1

Wednesday 17th December 2014

What a busy end of term!  The children have had a really busy and productive week this week.  We have been busy making Christmas cards, calendars, learnt to make paper snowflakes and have enjoyed watching the Snowman on video.  During the next two days we are going to enjoy our Christmas dinner, go to the church for a Christmas service and have a Christmas party.  

Thank you for all the support you have all given your children over the course of the term.  As a class we had 16 children complete the 'read -a-saurus' challenge, which is more than any other class in the whole school.  From the children who completed the challenge one lucky winner was picked to be given a new book.  The child chosen from our class was Rhia!  

The children have all grown, developed and learnt lots this term and I am sure that they will continue to progress well over their final two terms and Springfield.

Happy Christmas 

Miss Way

Art - Dinosaur Skeleton Pictures

Art - Dinosaur Skeleton Pictures 1
Art - Dinosaur Skeleton Pictures 2
Art - Dinosaur Skeleton Pictures 3
Art - Dinosaur Skeleton Pictures 4

Friday 14th November 


I would like to share my thanks with everyone who has helped then children in 2EW with their homework. The work produced was of a fantastic standard and lots of time and effort has been put into the work. I am looking forward to reading this week's homework when it is handed in on Wednesday.


Miss Way

Friday 7th November 2014


During our topic on dinosaurs the children are finding out as many interesting facts about dinosaurs.  We will try to share some of these on the on the school website.


Dinosaur fact number 1 - the biggest dinosaur ever discovered is the Argentinosaurus. It is thought to have measured 40 metres.

We had lots of fun on Friday guessing how long an Argentinosaurus was.  The children were amazed to discover that it was about half the length of our school corridor.

Thursday 30th October


I hope you are all having a fantastic holiday.

When we return to school we will begin our topic of Dinosaurs.  We will begin by reading fiction stories about dinosaurs and we will write our own stories.  We will also think carefully about non fiction texts as we prepare our school for a dinosaur museum


To prepare for our return to school you could start to find out about dinosaurs.  You could read stories about dinosaurs, look at information books and learn some of their names or you could find out some simple facts on the Internet.


Wendesday 22nd October 2014

This week in maths we have started to use money.  We have been learning to count out the correct amounts of  money.

Have a look at these prices. Can you draw the correct coins to make these amounts? Can you find the correct coins at home?


13p            19p         26p         19p     32p.

How much money can you see in each picture?

How much money can you see in each picture? 1
How much money can you see in each picture? 2
How much money can you see in each picture? 3
How much money can you see in each picture? 4
How much money can you see in each picture? 5

Wednesday 15th October 2014


2EW has a fantastic day today.  The children had the opportunity to make their own smoothie.  They had a lovely time choosing up their fruit and using the blender to turn it into a smoothie.  It was great fun trying the smoothies, some children finished the whole cupful. We talked about the fruits that they had put into the smoothie and why is was a healthy snack.  The children all described what it tasted like and what it smelt like.


In the afternoon the children designed and made packaging to put smoothies in when we pretend to sell them in a shop.  They look fantastic!


Tomorrow we will be writing instructions to explain how we made our smoothies and then we will think about making adverts to advertise our fantastic smoothies.  Watch this space for amazing adverts!

Our smashing smoothies

Still image for this video

Tuesday 7th October 2014

Today the children became scientists for the afternoon.  We learnt about solids, liquids and gasses.  

We carried out an experiment called Liquid Layers.

We started with an empty container and added some golden syrup.  We then added some cooking oil and watched as the cooking oil made a layer on the top of the syrup.  We then added some water and watched as the water made a layer or it's own.

The children talked about why the liquid made layers.  The children had some fascinating ideas but we eventually decided that they formed different layers because the oil was the least dense and the golden syrup was the most dense.

You could have a go at home and see whether you get the same results that we got in school.

Picture 1 Start with an empty container
Picture 2 Add some syrup
Picture 3 Put some oil in
Picture 4 Add some water

Wednesday 1st October 2014

We have been reading the story of George's Marvellous Medicine this week. Today the children had a go at writing their own version of the ending. The children all came up with wonderful ideas and we think that our own endings are as good as Roald Dhal's ending (possibly even better!!!)

Picture 1
Friday 19th September 2014

In Maths we have been doing lots of work. We have been learning about the Wizard of Oz. We have been decorating the characters from the story. We have done our first PE lesson and we have written about Dorothy.

by Charley, Amber, Isabel, Tyler and Alfie (Wilf Table 2EW)

Picture 1

This week in 2EW we have be working incredibly hard in Maths.  We have gone to our new Maths sets for the first time.  We have been learning to put numbers in the correct order.  Some of us have been learning to order really really big numbers.


We have also been learning about healthy eating.  We have learnt that you should eat 5 fruit of vegetables a day, lots of carbohydrate (potatoes, pasta, rice and bread).  You should also eat lot of protein (fish, meat or eggs).  You should also eat 2 or 3 portions of milk or dairy food every day. 


The children want to share some of their thoughts about Year 2

"Year 2 is much harder than Year 1 because we have to do harder Maths" (Grace 2EW)

"We are much better at writing than we were in Year 1" (Coby 2EW)

Miss Way thinks we are a fantastic Year 2 class.


We hope to be able to update the school website every week with lots of new and information about our time in school.


From all of 2EW