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An Inclusive Curriculum

We endeavour to underpin a high level of expertise and training of staff to support children and young people with SEND throughout their education. Under the new Code of Practice (2014) - all “teachers are responsible and accountable for the progress and development of all the pupils in their class, including where pupils access support from teaching assistants or specialist staff”. SEN code of practice 2014, page 88.


Quality first teaching is monitored throughout all classes by members of senior leadership to ensure that all pupils needs are met by teachers having a good understanding of how to provide differentiated resources and experiences. This will be achieved through a planned programme of professional development for teachers and staff to ensure that this understanding is well established and executed at all times. All staff are made aware of the SEN code of Practice and how this will effect current practice and link into the new curriculum.


Information will be regularly updated and circulated between staff. Some staff will receive further specialised training opportunities and will be given the opportunity to share this information/expertise with senior leaders and others. Some staff have received training specifically to run wave 2 and 3 interventions within school.


We aim to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of provision made for all children and young people with SEN and ensure that specialist expertise is secured where necessary.  All provision is continually monitored throughout the whole school by members of senior management including the SENCO. Learning walks take place frequently and pupils also have the opportunity to express their views to members of senior management.


Our staff offer many opportunities for pupils to learn through different media such as ipads and computers, active opportunities for learning through a range of fun and educational activities and outside learning opportunities. We run Read Write Inc throughout Reception and Year 1 that supports all children's literacy skills. Some children have the opportunity to work in smaller groups with an adult in designated work spaces within the school for short and specific interventions.