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Golden Mile

Golden Mile Certificates 


The following certificates were achieved during December. 


Bronze certificate for walking 10 miles


Jorgie, Jessie, Thomas, Eliza, Ada Rose and Phoebe 


Silver certificate for walking 25 miles 





How many miles have you walked so far?


Are you walking for a Bronze, Sliver or Gold certificate? 


Bring your Golden Mile Passport to Nursery on the first Wednesday of the month to find out. 


Remember to check your progress on the chart as you come in to Nursery! You could be next! 

Wednesday 11th November 2015 


Today Lee from Premier Sport cam to Nursery to launch the Golden Mile at Springfield Nursery. We had a great time measuring out our track and learning how to run/walk/jump/hop around it. We found out that we should do 60 minutes of exercise 4 times a week. We are going to try to complete our Golden Mile laps everyday. For more information have a look at the Golden Mile website.