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Guinea Pig Blog

A new run for Pip and Snowy!

A new run for Pip and Snowy! 1 Enjoying some quiet time in the wildlife area.
A new run for Pip and Snowy! 2 There's lots of space to run around!
A new run for Pip and Snowy! 3 More treats for Snowy.

May 2015

Pip and Snowy are really pleased to see the better weather and are enjoying being able to spend more time in their cosy hutch in the wildlife area. Last week they spent some time with the children in Reception and were thoroughly spoilt again with some delicious kale to nibble on!

The Guinea Pigs had a lovely Christmas Break with Mr Andrews and were lucky enough to be visited by Father Christmas. They got a very smart new house for their run! Unfortunately Snowy and Pip have had a bit too much to eat over the holidays and you can see what has happened to it already!


28th September

This weekend we went to stay with Mrs Head. We had great fun living in her lounge and eating the carrots her little boy Alfie fed to us. He made a real fuss of us and we got lots of cuddles and time on the sofa! On Sunday Mrs Head and Alfie let us have a run around outside. We saw a hot air balloon and nibbled the grass. As we moved around our enclosure we discovered that if we used our noses we could get the door open a little so we pushed and we were off on an adventure! We could hear Mrs Head searching for us but we hid in the long grass, it was so much fun running in and out of the shrubs... Eventually Mrs Head caught us and we had to go back inside - she used the word 'naughty' but we loved our taste of freedom. It will be nice to get back to our comfy hutch though.

                                                                                        Pip & Snowy

22nd September 2014


Pip and Snowy have returned to school after their long summer break. They had a lovely time with Mrs Hale over the summer and are now looking forward to meeting all the children again.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

22nd June 2014


Pip and Snowy had a lovely time coming to visit REW on Friday.  Each child had a chance to hold the guinea pigs.  They are becoming much more confident with the children.  Everyone found it very funny when Pip made a mess of his guinea pig food.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

13th June


Pip and Snowy are settling into Springfield Infants really well.  All the classes have had a chance to meet them and everyone loves them.  Pip and Snowy are not enjoying the warm weather too much as they have lots of fur on their bodies and get hot very easily.  Mrs Cook and Mrs Hale have made sure that they are kept nice and cool with lots of water and yummy food to eat.  Pet club have been getting to know the guinea pigs and have helped to clean out their cage have found lots if different things that they like to eat.


What do you think Pip and Snowy like to eat?

Hello I am Pip.

Hello I am Pip.                                                                                                                          1

Hello I am Snowy.

Hello I am Snowy. 1