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As a school we strive to involve other bodies, including health and social care bodies, local authority support services and voluntary organisations in meeting children and young people’s SEN and supporting their families. Our SENCO has an overall responsibility for liaising with all necessary parties so that lines of communication are maintained between all services. We encourage parents/carers to regularly communicate with school if there are any changes that may affect their child’s progress or wellbeing.  Our family support worker will be based at school to support families and children. If you have any concerns we urge that parents/carers communicate firstly with their class teacher. All information will be then passed on to the relevant individual. If you feel that your concern needs to be communicated directly with a member or Senior management, family liaison worker or the SENCO then please feel free to contact directly through the school office.

The School Nurse (NHS) will liaise with school for children within the early years setting once they turn 5 years old. The health visitor will also liaise with Nursery for children of preschool age within Nursery.


You may be contacted directly by any of these services; please do not hesitate to inform us of any changes as due to new data protection  laws information is not necessarily passed on to school unless parents have explicitly given permission.

The Activities Unlimited team is based:

Unit 7, Hill View Business Park,



IP6 0AJ.

Contacted on 01473 260026

Email info@activities-unlimited.co.uk

Who to contact in Suffolk.


If you wish to contact Family Services regarding any SEND then please see the attached document below for further information.


Our area Team within Suffolk are:


 Ipswich South and West Family Services based at Endeavour House, Ipswich (email: SENDIpsSW@suffolk.gov.uk) 


Assistant Co-ordinator Marie Bartlett (0.5fte) 01473 265812

Assistant Co-ordinator Emma Robinson (0.5fte) 01473 260461

Assistant Co-ordinator Laura Clark 01473 263424

Co-ordinator  Camilla Nunn  01473 265252

Co-ordinator  Rebecca Piotrowski 01473 264822    

Lead Co-ordinator  James Pettit  01473 265393