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Staff and specialist training

We endeavour to underpin a high level of expertise and training of staff to support children and young people with SEND throughout their education.  Quality first teaching is monitored throughout all classes by members of senior leadership to ensure that all pupils needs are met by teachers having a good understanding of how to provide differentiated resources and experiences.


We plan to ensure that staff are adequately trained to support some pupils specific needs.This will be achieved through a planned programme of professional development for teachers and staff. This training will be sourced both internally and through external agencies/professionals.


Access to medical interventions involves parents liaising with their GP/paediatrician and staff trained as required. All staff are first aid trained, including some staff further completing paediatric first aid training. Some staff are further trained in diabetic care for individual pupils in accordance with the diabetic nurse.

** If you experience difficulty accessing relevant medical services we can offer support through our family support worker or alternatively directing to the parent partnership service (SENDiass).



Health care plans


If your child requires a health care plan please speak to a member of the office staff who will provide you with a form to complete with your relevant medical professional. This will then be completed and signed at school with parents and copies will be kept in the child's school records. All procedures will be shared with all staff and if necessary the health service will arrange medical training for staff.