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The Individual Child



Through the graduated approach we aim to continuously monitor pupils progress and effectiveness of interventions that they may access. We look at each pupil with SEND and place them at the centre of planning, assessment, implementing and reviewing of their individual progress. This will be achieved though involving pupils as much as reasonably possible in developing their one page profiles and planning targets accordingly. We adopt the SMART principles where it is believed any short or long term target for progress should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed. Quality first teaching ensures that all pupils have access to an exciting and varied curriculum with differentiated learning opportunities. Please refer to our curriculum overview to find out more information.


Pupils with the highest level of need may require a health and education plan (EHCP). These will be drawn up by the local authority after statutory assessment has been carried out by a joint commissioning of education, health and social care professionals.


During Annual Reviews for pupils with education and health care plans we have adopted a person centred method of reviewing and focus on what is working well for that individual child and what we can then do to improve progress further. We aim to involve the child as much as suitability possible for their age and needs. These meetings will be held annually within school with all currently involved with the pupil.


All procedures have been developed with both the SEN Cop and disability discrimination act in mind, outlining that a school provider must make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to include all pupils with SEND.