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Theme Brochures Autumn Term

Our topics change each half term.


For the Autumn Term 2016 our two topics are 'Brilliant Brains' and 'Incredible India'. During our 'Brilliant Brains' topic the children were introduced to our new learning buddies and found out ways to be a better learner. They also found out about parts of the brain and how to keep it healthy. In the second half term, the children learnt all about the country of India. An intriguing suitcase of artefacts arrived at school for the children along with an invitation for everyone to attend the celebrations for an Indian wedding!


During the Autumn Term 2015 our topics were 'All About Me', 'On Safari' and 'Heroes and Villains'. Our first two topics largely focused around Science whilst our 'Heroes and Villains' topic gave the children the opportunity to find out about famous people from the past.

During the Autumn Term 2014 our topics were 'All About Me', 'Hubble Bubble' and 'Jurassic Park'. Again, these topics focused on Science.


Click on the links below to find out more about our Autumn Term topics covered so far. 

Incredible India - Autumn 2016

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Hubble Bubble Topic - Autumn 2014