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Working together

Working together


We believe that it is essential that opportunities are provided for parents and young people to work  with all agencies in a holistic approach so we can continually assess and review progress of pupils with SEND. As a result we carefully monitor and review the quality of provision we offer to all pupils. We do this by regularly reviewing pupil progress, revising One Page Profiles, provision maps, interventions and pupil support. All pupils with EHCP will have a one page profile that will set short and long term targets. Some children at SBS+ level may also require a one page profile. We ask for pupil perceptions where appropriate to help us to improve the quality of practice we provide at our school. We have an SEN Governor, Mrs Christine Mosley, who supports the SENCo to monitor the attainment and progress of SEN pupils.


We can also offer parents free parenting courses online and through in house training from our family support worker. We are also developing a parenting hub that will offer advice and training further developing parental links with school. These dates will be advertised accordingly.


We work closely with other professionals including our in house speech and language therapist who offers opportunities for parents to meet with 1:1 and discuss their child's progress. Parents are informed of these meetings via invitation and can sign up accordingly.



Raising a concern regarding SEND.


The success of our pupils relies heavily on the strong links between school staff, governors, pupils, parents/carers and other professionals. We continually develop our practice to improve outcomes for our pupils and welcome suggestions from these groups to enhance our provision.

If you would like to make any comments or compliments on our procedures and policies please contact Mrs Joanna O'Neill (SENCO) or Mrs Head (Headteacher) via the school office on 01473 741305. Similarly, if you wish to raise concerns about your child with SEN please do not hesitate to contact us using the same information above or speak to their class teacher directly. If you wish to make a formal complaint please refer to our complaints policy. We endeavour to work together and believe in building a strong parental school relationship so we encourage you to firstly speak to Mrs Head (Head teacher), Ali Cuckow (FSW), Mrs O'Neill (SENCO) or alternatively a member of senior management.


***We take all forms of bullying extremely seriously so if you are concerned about a child please refer to our school bullying policy for further information or alternatively speak to a member of staff. 



We aim to make appropriate arrangements for supporting all children and young people in moving between phrases of education and in preparing for adulthood. We visit pre-school providers where necessary to support smooth transition into our setting. Furthermore we also provide support for when our pupils move to Junior school. Home visits are arranged for all children starting in our Nursery by 2 members of staff.  Some pupils will have the opportunity to access a Nurture group and breakfast club within school (subject to availability and level of need). All children starting within Reception will receive a welcome pack. We understand that transitions into a new setting can be both difficult for the pupil and parents and offer many opportunities for new prospective parents to meet with staff and visit the school. We welcome any prospective parents to visit the school, which can be made through contacting the school office.

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