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The end of our castle topic coinsided with the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan, therefore we all came to school dressed in our best wedding clothes and as kings, queens, princes and princesses. We decorated the school hall with red, white and blue regalia and Union Jack flags. In class we made cakes and cucumber sandwiches to eat after a whole school parade where we got to admire each classes wonderful outfits. Everyone looked amazing.

Kings and Queens Finale

Welcome to 1GP's class page, look regularly to see what we have been learning in class.

So far this term we have learnt about what our brains need to be healthy and about our senses. We have been thinking about our behaviour buddies and how they help us learn; they are helping the children understand that mistakes help us learn and that team work and perseverence are key elements to having fun and learning in school. In the next few weeks, (until the half term) the children will be thinking about what they want to be when they grow up. So far our list includes wrestlers, karate instructors, rollercoaster engineers, pilots, police officers and some one who just wants to be able to boss everyone else about. We are hopefully having visits from a dentist, fire officer and and police officer, if you or any family members would like to come and talk to the children about their work just let us know.

September in 1GP

Welcome back to another new year and to 1GP that is now taught by Mrs. Phillips and Miss. Cunningham, our new teaching assistants are Mrs.Ursu and Miss. Mason. We have started our new topic for this half term which is Now and Then. We will be looking at recent history and begin to formulate a better understanding of what history is and what is was like in the past . Then we will be delving further back in time to learn about the Victorian era and what life was like for a Victorian child. To start our topic we have created a museum in the hall fall of historical artefacts, many of which the children have never seen before.
Every Friday is 'Maths Challenge  Day' during the session the childrne are given a problem to solve with a maths partner that they work with every Friday. During the session the children have to solve the problem in the way they think is best, they choose the equipment they want to use and they have to record what they have done to prove their answers. The challenge is matched to the learning they have done during the maths sessions between Monday and Thursday, last week the challenge was 1 more and 1 less. This week it will be subitising 10 using plates and sweets.

Maths Challenge

Role Play

To help encourage and develop the children's language and communication skills we have a roleplay area in the class themed to match the topic we are doing. I want to be... this week and next week is a health professional nurses, doctors, anaesthetists and opticians. On Friday afternoon, at the end of the day the children have golden time as a reward for their hard work during the week, this means they have some time to choose what they wish to play with.

Doubles to 10

This week in Math's we have been learning our doubles to 10. We have used dominoes to help us find and understand what a double is. We have also used numicon tiles to make doubles to 10 and then write the calculation. Next week we are learning about 2D shapes.

We are also becoming architects with the ambitious task of making a building individually and then putting all our buildings together to build a small scale design project. Please send in any small boxes that the childen can use to help make their buildings at the start of the week.

This week in Year 1 we have  had a visit from some paramedics and the children had the opportunity to explore

their ambulance. They had great fun having their hearts monitored and pretending they had broken legs; they asked lots of questions and found out about all the equipment that an ambulance carries and what it is for. We also made collages of different types of careers; we made, drivers, nurses, police oficers, teachers, carers and engineers.

Paramedics visit

This week we have been visited by two police officers. They took the time to come into classrooms and answer our questions, talk about their kit, and about their role working in the community. The children had great fun climbing in the police car, watching the flashing blue lights, and hearing the siren close up, it was very loud!

Next week we are going to be nutritionalists and cooks, we will be making healthy cookies to share with our adults on Friday at our share event.

collages and buildings

To bring an end to our topic we finished the half term as nutritionalists and cooks. First we designed healthy plates of food using the 5 main food groups, and then we made healthy biscuits with porridge oats and sultanas. On the last afternoon we invited parents and carers in to share the cookies and to look at the town we had made with all our buildings we had made as architects in Year 1. We had time to share and enjoy some of the reading activities that the children do everyday in class, we all had a great time.

Keep visiting our class page during the next exciting half term to find out what we are doing in 1GP.

Share Afternoon 1GP

We arrived at school after the half term to find that the corridor had been transformed into a jungle and that out in the forest school area an enormous bone had been unearthed. We thought about the different animals the bone might belong to but as it was so large we eventually thought that it must belong to a dinosaur!

Bone Found in Forest School Area

The start of our Jurassic Park topic

Sadly we said goodbye to Mrs. Hale and Pip: Mrs Hale has gone to embark on a new career and Pip has gone to stay somewhere warm for the Winter.

To finish our learning about dinosaurs we have retold stories, written poems and made clay ammonites and fossils. We had a lot of fun with the clay and enjoyed moulding, rolling, using tools to add detail and getting messy.

This week at school we had a some special visitors, Milly the juvenile Tyrannosaurus Rex and Jack the baby Allosaurus. We learnt some new amazing facts about dinosaurs and we became palaeontologists, we unearthed different fossils using brushes that were dinosaurs bones, skulls, teeth, spikes and claws. we also looked at fossils that showed us some of the types of plants that were on the Earth in the Mesozoic Era.

Pip the Guinea Pig and Clay Fossils

This week we have been learning about the victorians. We have learnt lots of facts about Queen Victoria and her time as the queen. We have been exploring Victorian houses and comparing these to our own homes. We have also talked a lot about the fact that they did not have electricity. We looked at the famous inventor Thomas Edison and tried to create light! 

This term we have been learning..............

We started our topic by looking at the story 'Old Bear'. We discussed the problems in the story and had a challenge to create the tallest tower to help us climb up to the attic. We then looked at the properties of different materials in order to find the best material to use to make a parachute to rescue Old Bear from the attic. Once we had chosen our materials and made our parachutes we tested them by dropping them from the balcony outside.

Old Bear

We then moved on to looking at items from the past. We discussed how cameras have changed over time and looked at black and white photos. We also looked at toys from the past and compared our own toys to the toys children played with in the past. We sorted our own toys from home by the materials they were made from and compared these to some of the toys in our school museum. We decided that we are very lucky to be born now as we have lots of fantastic toys to play with!!!!

Victorian Day!!!

We have had a fantastic day today and the children look fabulous in their Victorian costumes. Thank you so much for all the effort that has gone into the costumes!!

The children have experienced a day in the life of a Victorian child at school. They have read bible stories and learnt to sing 'All Things Bright and Beautiful.' We have also practised our times tables and used a bead string to practise counting. The children have used chalks and black paper to do their handwriting and to record their times tables. In the afternoon the girls experienced sewing and the boys used saws to do some wood work!! 

Victorian Day

This term our new topic is 'Wildlife Watch' and through this topic the children will be learning about the British Isles and the native mammals, birds, and insects that can be found there. We will be looking at the weather and the different landscapes of the countries that make up the U.K. This week we have 'Art Solutions' in to work with us and all the children are making a range of British animals to display in the school. Today we have made the basic shapes and covered them in white ready for tomorrow's session when we will be adding colour. Thank you to all those parents who have been in and assisted with the project, we really appreciate the extra help.

British Wildlife!

The children have had lots of fun learning about wildlife. We have looked at the different countries of the UK and looked at the wildlife that live in those countries.

We have also been reading the story 'Percy the Park Keeper After the Storm'. We have discussed the events of the story and have been adding our own events to the story.

This week we have had lots of fun in the wildlife area exploring the wildlife and planting seeds.


Art Soloutions Day 1

Day 2 Art Solutions

Suffolk Wildlife Visit


This week we had Suffolk Wildlife Trust visit and work with us in school. We searched for clues about some of the animals we would find in the areas around our school. This was a great opportunity to learn the names of British birds and trees that are in our local area. 

Suffolk Wildlife Visit

Wildlife Watch

This term our topic is 'Kings and Queens' and so far we have learnt about  our current royal family and where they live. We have looked at the history of castles and how and why they were built. We visited Colchester Castle and discovered it is actually the largest stone keep ever built and that it was built on the foundations of a Roman Villa. It was used for 600 years as a prison, before being bought and used as a home and then eventually restored to become a visitor centre. On our visit the children had a great time exploring the artefacts, dressing up as Knights, and walking up the stone spiral staircase so they could look out across the town and beyond from the battlements at the top of castle.

This weeks maths challenge!!!!

This week in maths we have been learning about measures. We have explored capacity, weight and length. At the end of the week the children completed a maths challenge, which they really enjoyed.


Maths Challenge


Still image for this video
The children have had a fantastic time at swimming and really enjoyed their last session!