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Colchester Castle

Our trip to Colchester Castle was a massive success. The children really enjoyed themselves. We met a Lady of the Castle called Sam. She showed us all the secret rooms and passages including where the portcullis goes when it is open. We became trainee knights and helped Sam defend the castle. We learned how arches are built and we built a brilliant archway. 







Welcome Back! 

It’s the start of the summer term and the weather has been spectacular. We have started our new topic ‘Kings and Queens’. The children have been learning about Queen Elizabeth II and in preparation for our trip, to Colchester Castle on the 27th April, all about medieval castles. 

A Mini Guide to Medieval Castles

Find out more about medieval castles: https://goo.gl/UYwpFw Watch this short animation to discover how castles developed during the middle ages. We trace their evolution from early motte and bailey castles in Norman times to the sophisticated structures of the late medieval period, and explain why castles were as much about status as defence.

How to Take a Medieval Castle

Besieging a medieval castle was a difficult task - just look at the histories of Dover Castle‚Äč and Kenilworth Castle‚Äč! Attacking armies often had to rely on ingenious tools and methods to get the job done.

Big Soul Sing

The Big Soul Sing at Ipswich School was amazing. The children did fantastically well and sand their hearts out. The children should be so incredibly proud of themselves, as we are of them. Thank you to all the parents that came to watch we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Big Soul Sing

Spring Watch

As part of our Spring Watch topic the children learned about the different parts of a flowering plant. The children made a flowering plant and labelled the plant with petals, stem, leaves and root. The children's art work made a fantastic display.


Flowering Plants

Art Solutions

The children really enjoyed taking part in the 'British Wildlife, Art Solutions' project. The children worked in small teams to create different animals and objects. When you see the art work the children created it is hard to believe it started as cardboard, newspaper, glue and tissue paper. The final results look amazing, with children throughout the whole school taking part. A big thank you to the parents that came in to school to help or sent in pots for glue or newspaper. The children should feel very proud of their hard work, team work and how the finished displays look!

Fun in the Snow

Who would have thought that it was officially Spring. The children were so excited about the snow and those who wanted to go outside had so much fun making snow angels, throwing snowballs and building snow sculptures.

Fun in the Snow

Now and Then

As part of our now and then topic we have been looking carefully at different modes of transport throughout history. We then closely looked at holidays and how they differ to our holidays now. One of the things the children found most interesting was bathing machines and as a result we designed and made our own.

Rescuing Old Bear

After reading the story 'Old Bear', in which  Old Bear was rescued from the loft using a parachute, the children decided that they would like to make a parachute! The class thought about what resources might be best to make a parachute. We tested a range of resources to find which one might be the best (and tested: paper, card, tin foil, fabric and plastic). The children all made their parachutes out of the material they thought would make the best parachute. Once the parachutes were finished we took them outside to test them!

Welcome back and Happy New Year! This term our topic is 'Now and Then'. We have started our topic by sorting synonyms for old and new. The children will be using this vocabulary in their work this term.

New                                    Old

       recent                               antiquated             

        fresh                                     past

  contemporary                        out-dated

    up to date                                worn

  cutting edge                             ancient

       latest                                   vintage


To engage the children the adults in school have made a museum in the hall for the children to look. The children were very excited to see all of the objects and discussed what they thought some of the objects were.  

Jurassic Park

This half terms topic is Jurassic Park. During this topic we are going to be learning about dinosaurs and the earth when dinosaurs lived.
To help us remember facts about dinosaurs we have been watching Story Bots. Story Bots create educational videos about all different topics. We watch the different segments on the different dinosaurs and recorded the facts.

"Dinosaurs" - StoryBots Super Songs Episode 3

Have some dino-mite family fun with the "Dinosaurs" episode of "StoryBots Super Songs" and learn about all of our prehistoric pals, including the tyrannosaurus rex, triceratops, stegosaurus, velociraptor and apatosaurus.

As part of our topic we have made dinosaur eggs from clay. We started by splitting our piece of clay in to two pieces and rolling each piece into a ball. Then we pushed our thumb into the clay and pinched around the ball, carefully, with our fingers. When we had made what looks like a small pot we smoother the outside using water and our fingers. We are now waiting for them to be completely dry to paint them.

Whilst our dinosaur eggs are drying we are designing a dinosaur to come out of our egg. What will it look like? What will it eat? What period did it live in? Lots of different things to decide.  
Today we were really lucky to have a Dinosaur visit us in school! We were all so excited to meet a dinosaur. Our whole class were brave enough to go right up to the dinosaur and have our photo taken with it.  
We also met a baby dinosaur. Ms Thrower was brave enough to stroke it and it nearly bit her, as it was hungry.

Our Dinosaur Visitors

Still image for this video

As well as meeting a dinosaur we dug up real fossils and had to identify them from photographs. It was quite trick but being the expert palaeontologists we are, we sorted them all correctly.


Welcome to Year 1

Welcome to the start of year 1! Have a look at the photos of our new classroom!

Our website page will give you some information about the topics we are learning about and will include photos of the children's work. 


In Year One, we all take part in Read Write Inc from 9:30 to 10:30. In this time we learn our sounds, letters, how to decode and read words and how to spell them. We also learn how to write sentences using finger spaces, full stops and capital letters and as we get better with our writing we then make our sentences more interesting using 'power words'. We then transfer these skills to our everyday and topic writing. Click on the star to see videos about Read Write Inc.

We are also looking for helpers to come in and listen to the children read and play phonic/reading games. If this is something you would like to do and could come in one or more mornings a week, then please speak to the class adults or the office staff.


From 10:00 to 11:00 we, as a school, do our maths lesson. Within this we learn number and shape, space and measure. This includes how we write our numbers, place value, addition and subtraction, shapes and how to measure things. The children learn though mainly practical activities at the beginning of the week and then record what we have learnt towards the end of the week. On a Friday we have a challenge day. This is when we practise what we have learnt during the week and apply this to a problem.

So far this term we have been learning about ordering numbers to 20, writing numbers to 20, estimation and numbers bonds to 10. Here are some pictures of us estimating the amount of objects and then checking our estimating through counting. 
We have been working hard in maths and have made symmetrical butterfly patterns.
We have also been learning about different methods of solving simple addition problems to 20 including: using objects, Numicon, and number lines. To extend out learning of addition we learnt how to solve simple word addition problems. Our challenge this week was adding number to make certain totals.
We often use songs and videos to help us learn about maths. Click the star below to access the videos we have used. 


The topic for this half term is 'When I Grow Up I Want To Be'. We have started by deciding what different jobs we know about and what we think people in those jobs do. The children then decided which job they would like to do when they grow up and made collage people of the job they chose. We have a role play area in our outside area and this half term it is a Fire Station. The children have really enjoyed becoming firefighters. 

Good examples of our homework 'Tell me about your brain'

The children have made a great start to the year and have adapted to the new routines and expectations of Year 1. We have already been working really hard and learning about our brain and senses. During these first few weeks we look closely at what a good learner is and what this looks like in the classroom. To help us with this we have looked closely at the school's Behaviour Buddies. There are 5 Behaviour Buddies. Each Behaviour Buddy has a different learning focus. The children have had fun getting to know our 'Learning Behaviour Buddies'.

The Learning Behaviour Buddies are:

Oscar the Owl (who can focus on the task and manages his distractions).

Mandy Meerkat (who works well as part of a team)

Connie Cat (who is a good independent learner)

Terry the Tortoise (who never gives up and perseveres)

Geoffrey Giraffe (who rises to the challenge)

Kelso's Choices

To help us become more independent in the classroom and at break times we have been learning about Kelso's Choices. Kelso helps us to decide if something in our play or learning is a small problem or a big problem. Through deciding if something is a big problem or a small problem it gives the children clear strategies to help them resolve without always needed help from an adult. The children have already started using the strategies to help them resolve problems. 
Here is video explaining Kelso's choices. We have the Kelso wheel displayed in our classroom.

kineticvideo.com - kelso-in-action-4th-edition-14743.mp4

See Kelso's Choice in Action! Short, true-to-life vignettes help students see how kids just like them use Kelso's Choices to solve everyday problems.

Making Good Choices

We have been talking a lot about choices at school and how the choices we make in and out of school have rewards and consequences. We looked at all different choices and sorted them in to good choices and not good choices. The children were all good at deciding what a good choice was and how they lead to rewards such as having people what to play with you to receiving stickers and house points at school and what happens when we make bad choices.


P.E. this half-term will focus on ball skills. This includes throwing, catching and kick. It also includes control of a ball and co-ordination. 

This week, in our topic time, we are learning about architects. We started by watching a video about an architect (click the star below to watch the video). We have thought of all the buildings we can think of and it was quite an extensive list including: cinemas, airports, houses, shops, police stations, fire stations, hospitals and many more. We have also started our designs for the different buildings to make our town. Thank you to everyone who sent in small boxes. It is very much appreciated.

When I Grow Up I Want to Be


We have been really busy the past few weeks finding out about different jobs. We have had visits from a paramedic and two police officers.

Paramedic Visit

Police Visit