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July 2018


What a busy half term we are having!


As part of our World Explorer topic, the Year 2 children took part in a Football Tournament.  In our class, our teams were Switzerland and Brazil.  The children made their own team football shirts to play in as well as flags and banners for the whole school parade.  We have also learned facts about those countries and created art work in the style of Swiss artist Paul Klee.


We were so proud when Brazil won the Year 2 tournament on penalties.  Well done everybody!

Well done Brazil!

Well done Brazil! 1


Year 2 were very lucky to have the opportunity to learn all about the game of lacrosse with Premier Sports.  On a warm morning, the children learned lots of new ball skills ending with a match of lacrosse.  Everybody really enjoyed themselves. Well done on your perseverence 2AV learning some tricky new skills.




Welcome back to the final half term of Year 2.


After weeks of patience, the Year 2 classes finally got to go on their school trip to Colchester Castle.  With great excitement we climbed on board the coach and travelled down the A12 and back 1,000 years in time to become knights learning how to live in and protect a castle. 


The children toured around the castle, looking at all the interesting exhibits.  After some small group activities, we enjoyed lunch outside followed by some playtime in the sunshine.  We returned into the castle where we went on a very interesting tour.  The children dressed as knights and learned about the well and collecting water.  They practised shooting their arrows at the castle before charging at the heavy, timber door.  After winding up the portcullis, we climbed the steep, stone staircase to visit the battlements where we fired yet more arrows at our enemies.  Finally we watched a film on the big wall which really brought the castle to life for us on the inside.  We even saw a bit about the Bayeaux Tapestry!


We were very proud of all of the children and their behaviour that day.  I hope they have told you all about the fun they had!


Another exciting event this week was trying out the new play equipment on the school field.  The children are incredibly fortunate to have the use of such items during their playtimes and lunchtimes.  We spent time as a class on Friday looking at the equipment and discussing how we would use it whilst keeping ourselves safe from injury at the same time.  The children had lots of fun trying it all out and can't wait to use it next week.

Fun on the field!

Wow!  What an end to an incredibly busy half term.


To mark the end of our topic 'Kings and Queens' and to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan, we had a celebration day.  What wonderful outfits the children wore.  They would have fitted right in at Windsor Castle.



Picture 1

A Wedding Celebration

As part of our celebrations, the children made fruit kebabs and biscuits.  They were delicious.


For the Royal Parade in the afternoon, we made flags and crowns.

To end the day, we had a Royal Parade where the whole school were outside waving flags and celebrating a wonderful day.  Well done everyone - you all looked amazing.  A well deserved day of fun after working so hard doing our special 'quizzes'.

The Royal Parade




We have had a busy couple of weeks in 2AV!


As part of our topic on Kings and Queens, we have used the laptops to do research on Queen Elizabeth II.  Once we had found lots of interesting information, we then produced a fact sheet.  We then moved onto The Battle of Hastings.  We created a storymap to show our understanding of the battle and its build up.  Now we are recreating the Bayeaux Tapestry across all the Year 2 classes.


In Literacy we have written a letter using 'Meerkat Mail' as our inspiration.  The children have all written a letter to the main character Sunny, inviting him to visit us in Ipswich.  In Maths, we are revisiting everything we have learned so far.


Today, we were able to enjoy the lovely weather whilst taking part in an Ultimate Frisbee session with Premiersports.  After a quick warm up, the children learned lots of skills including how to hold the frisbee and where to position the body.  They worked really hard on their accuracy by having targets to aim for such as hoops and the crossbar of our goalposts.  Everyone worked really hard in the heat and we have some great frisbee experts within the class. Well done all!




Welcome back to school and to the Summer Term.  I hope you all had a good Easter break and are ready for this busy term.  


We started our new topic this week, Kings and Queens.  We have been learning all about our Royal Family and looking at family trees.  After learning more about the Queen, we wrote job descriptions for a prospective King or Queen as well as thinking about what laws we would want to introduce.  Some of us sat on a 'throne' and became a King or Queen.  The rest of the class were their subjects and were able to ask questions.


We had a PE lesson outside in the sunshine where we were working on our ball skills.  Let's hope the sunshine continues...


What a great start to the new term 2AV.  Keep up the hard work!


Mrs Veitch smiley 



Wow!  What an amazing end to the term.  The Big Sing Concert at Ipswich High School was incredible.  I was a very proud teacher and we were a very proud school that night.  The children sang with all their hearts and put on a wonderful concert.  15 children from our class performed and every single one of them was a star!  Their behaviour on what was a long evening was outstanding too, considering how tired they all were at the end of a busy term.  I hope those of you who were able to attend had a great evening too. 

The Big Sing Concert


Our Springwatch topic came to an end with a final science lesson.  We had planted broad bean seeds using a wet cotton wool pad and placed them in a small, clear bag.  We then put them on our windows where we could observe what was happening.  We also had 3 beans in different growing conditions - with no water, in a cupboard and in the fridge.  


The children had to look closely at what had happened over the 3 weeks.  Had their seed grown?  Were there any roots?  Had the bean grown a stem and leaves?  Had their bean just gone mouldy?  The children had to record their observations and tell me the reasons why.  We all found the observation stage really interesting and were amazed by all the different results.

Our Broad Bean Experiment


I hope you all have a good break and we will be back for the Summer term on Monday 16th April.


Mrs Veitch smiley




Another busy week has flown by at school.


It was lovely to see so many of you at the parent consultations.  It is wonderful to be able to show you all of the work your children have been doing  and to update you on their progress.  Well done 2AV.


This week in topic, we have been identifying and sketching flowers such as tulips and daffodils.  We finished the week producing an information leaflet all about flowers.  The children are all now experts.


On Wednesday, after our singing rehearsal, Year 2 took part in a Zumbathon for Sports Relief.  Great fun was had by all.


Finally, thank you to all of you who have bought Easter raffle tickets.  There is still time if you haven't purchased yours yet.  The draw is Thursday.


Looking forward to seeing lots of you at the Big Soul Sing on Thursday evening.  We can't wait to show you the results of all our hard work!   



What a great week we had at school!  


As part of our Springwatch topic, we have been learning about the life cycle of plants.  To show me what they had learned, the children worked in small groups to produce stop motion movies.  They used play-doh to make models of the seed and then had to make small changes to their model to show the growth and difference.  Every time they made a change, 5 photos had to be taken.  


I was very proud of how well the children worked together in their groups, allocating the jobs fairly.  Every group produced a great video clip.  They were all very pleased with the final versions.  Great team work and creativity 2AV!

Stop Motion Filming of the Life Cycle of a Plant

After the snow resulted in their first visit having to be cancelled, we were finally able to welcome the Suffolk Wildlife Trust into school.  On Friday morning, we learned all about the seasons.  The children had the opportunity to be a hedgehog, a grass snake, a frog, and a toad.  We now know even more about bees and also know facts about owls, how hedgehogs build their nests, how frogs and toads travel and why it doesn't matter if squirrels can't find all the acorns they have hidden.  Our favourite part was when we had to be bees and use our proboscis (a pipette!) to collect as much nectar as we could.  We all had great fun learning outside.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust Visit

To end another great week of learning, on Friday we had a parent share afternoon.  After the children had so enjoyed the sewing activity during our Victorian day, we had a fun afternoon of sewing spring themed pictures such as lambs, frogs and flowers.


Thank you very much to all the grown ups who were able to join us.  I know the children were so excited to welcome you to their classroom and they all had a wonderful time. 


Also a huge thank you for the Easter eggs you so kindly donated for our Easter Raffle.  The number of Easter eggs in school is incredible!  Raffle tickets will be available to buy this week,


Finally, I look forward to seeing you all at Parent Consultations this week.


Mrs Veitch smiley 

2AV Share Afternoon

2AV Share Afternoon 1
2AV Share Afternoon 2
2AV Share Afternoon 3
2AV Share Afternoon 4
2AV Share Afternoon 5
2AV Share Afternoon 6
2AV Share Afternoon 7
2AV Share Afternoon 8
2AV Share Afternoon 9
2AV Share Afternoon 10
2AV Share Afternoon 11
2AV Share Afternoon 12
2AV Share Afternoon 13
2AV Share Afternoon 14
2AV Share Afternoon 15
2AV Share Afternoon 16
2AV Share Afternoon 17
2AV Share Afternoon 18
2AV Share Afternoon 19
2AV Share Afternoon 20
2AV Share Afternoon 21
2AV Share Afternoon 22
2AV Share Afternoon 23
2AV Share Afternoon 24
2AV Share Afternoon 25
2AV Share Afternoon 26
2AV Share Afternoon 27
2AV Share Afternoon 28
2AV Share Afternoon 29
2AV Share Afternoon 30
2AV Share Afternoon 31




Another extremely busy week in school!  We were very lucky to be joined by Art Solutions for 2 days.  All of the children worked so hard at creating British animals and wildlife.  They had to make twists, pebbles and flat pads out of newspaper which formed the base of the animals.  After adding further layers to smooth out the surface, we added tissue paper. 




It's hard to believe the finished displays started out as old newspaper.  The children should be incredibly proud of their hard work.  A huge thank you to all the parents and family members who were able to come into school and help us.  We couldn't have done it without you! smiley


The Final Result - Work to be Proud Of...

Not only were 2AV artists last week, we were also scientists.  As part of our Springwatch topic work, we have planted broad beans using cotton pads and plastic bags which are now on the classroom windows.  We want to investigate what happens if we change one of the things that plants need to grow.  So, we also have a broad bean in a cupboard, one in a fridge and one with no water.  We can't wait to find out what happens!

2AV are Scientists.




What an exciting week!  The main highlight was of course the snow.  After wrapping up warm in their coats, hats, scarves and gloves, the children had a fabulous time playing in the snow.  There were snow angels and snow ball fights.  It was great fun!




Lots of children have entered the Springfield Shelfie competition.  The pictures are fabulous - thank you!  We find out who our winner is on Tuesday...

Just a few of our Springfield Shelfies.

Just a few of our Springfield Shelfies. 1


Next week we are working with visiting artists to create some fabulous 'British animals and wildlife' art.  We can't wait!  Just a reminder, please ensure your child has a paint shirt in school and if you have any old newspapers we can use, please send them in with your child for Tuesday - thank you.

Picture 1



Welcome back to a new half term!  I hope you all had a good break.


A new half term means a new topic and this time our topic is called 'Springwatch'.  I wish it felt a bit more Spring like...


We have started our topic by looking at the four seasons and then focussing in on Spring and what that looks like.  Next week we will be working with the Suffolk Wildlife Trust in the school grounds looking for signs of Spring.


In Maths, the children have been working hard on using empty number lines to help them add and take away. 


In Literacy we have started a wonderful new book set in France.  The children don't know what it is called yet as we are trying to use our Literacy skills such as making predictions and responding to pictures before we even read the whole story.  They have all produced 2 fabulous poems already!


Rehearsals for our Big Sing concert will resume next week.  We hope you have got your ticket for what promises to be a great evening of entertainment after all their hard work.


Thank you to all those parents who are hearing their child read every day.  It really makes such a difference to their own writing.  Our Times Table challenge is going well.  Please continue to help your child learn their 2, 5 and 10 times tables so they can recite it to me fluently.  The children love getting a sticker by their name on the chart.




What a great way to bring our topic Now and Then to an end with Victorian Day!  Thank you very much for all your support and for sending the children to school with amazing costumes. 


We had a fabulous day and all the children joined in.  From lining up at the door in silence before the day began, boys sitting one side of the classroom and girls the other, to standing up when an adult entered the room and answering to their surnames, the children stepped back in time to experience a day in a Victorian class room.  Writing with chalk, the children completed dictation on Charles Dickens and wrote out the alphabet, they performed drill exercises beside their desks and chanted their times tables.  In the afternoon, they had to sketch Queen Victoria and learnt to sew.  We even had a dunce hat to be worn and a visit from Florence Nightingale.  What a wonderful experience for the children.


Picture 1


The children worked hard all week in Maths and Literacy.  The children finished writing their own versions of the book we have been studying.  Called 'The Bluebird and the Robot', they wrote some lovely stories showing how much they have learned this half term.  Well done everybody!


Enjoy the half term holiday and see you back in school on Monday 19th.


Mrs Veitch smiley

The Bluebird and the Robot by 2AV

The Bluebird and the Robot by 2AV 1




Can you believe we are already near the half term holiday?  We have almost completed our Topic 'Now and Then'.  This week we started making bathing machines.  After decorating the outside with colourful stripes, next week we will be adding the wheels, steps and roof.  They are going to look amazing when they are finished.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and we will be finishing off with our Victorian Day on Thursday.  We have lots planned for the children so that they really feel like they have stepped back in time.  Look out for the photos...


Our rehearsals for our Big Sing concert are going well.  The children are so enthusiastic to learn all the songs and the dance moves, and lots of soloists have been auditioned.  Don't forget to buy your tickets to see the results of all their hard work.


In Literacy, the children have been planning their own versions of the book 'The Robot and the Bluebird'.  They have to tell me the story, but from the bluebird's perspective.  After all their hard work, I can't wait to read the final versions they will be writing this week.


Well done 2AV! Keep up the hard work.


Now and Then




Another busy week for 2AV.  The highlight of this week has to be our school trip to Ipswich Museum.  The children walked all the way to the Museum and back and didn't moan once!  They had a wonderful time looking around the Museum and were very well behaved.  They saw lots of objects that we had been learning about in our Topic lessons.  They were very enthusiastic and couldn't wait to show me all the things they had found.  They were great ambassadors for Springfield Infant School and I am incredibly proud of every single one of them.  I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures of our morning.






What a fabulous week of learning 2AV!


In Literacy, we have been looking at instruction writing, so, linked to our book The Robot and the Bluebird, the children made bird feeders.  I hope the birds in your garden are enjoying their tasty snack.


In Maths, we were learning all about 2D and 3D shapes.  After learning about the properties, the children went on shape hunts and made 3D shapes out of straws and play-doh.



In Topic, we had a wonderful week of lessons making rooms from the past out of junk modelling.  The children could choose to make either a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen or a bathroom.  They then had to use what they had learned about rooms from the past last week and work as a team creating their rooms.  The children all worked incredibly hard and are rightfully proud of their work.  Look closely and you can see mangles, baths, books on shelves, fireplaces, candlesticks and chamber pots.  We hope you enjoy looking at our work.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10



This week we started the 'Big Sing Soul' project in school.  Year 2 spent time on Wednesday afternoon learning a song that we are going to perform.  The children all worked really hard learning all of the words as well as a dance routine.  We are going to be doing this every week this term and we are all very excited to see the end result.




In Maths we continued our work on Fractions and in Literacy we have been studying the book 'The Robot and The Bluebird.'  The children have produced some excellent writing so far.


We have continued our work on our Topic 'Now and Then' and have been comparing household objects from today such as washing machines and fridges with the equivalent we had in the past, mangles and pantries.  The children have found this really fascinating and are looking forward to making a room from the past next week.


It has been lovely to see items from the past that you have at home.  We have seen some old coins and a book this week and Mr Burnett brought in his old teddy!  Keep them coming in, the children love to show things to their friends.


Keep up the good work 2AV!




Happy New Year and welcome back to school.  I hope you all had a lovely holiday and are ready for another busy term of learning.


This half term our topic is called 'Now and Then' and to introduce our new area of learning, the children visited 'Springfield Museum' in the hall.  The children had an opportunity to look at some interesting objects including old telephones, televisions, audio tapes, shoes, books and tennis rackets.  We will be having a closer look a some of the objects over the coming weeks, asking lots of questions and being historians by looking at the past.


If you have any interesting old items (not valuable!) you think the children would like to see, please send them into school.  We have already had some badges and an old teddy bear which the children loved!


Our PE lesson has moved this term and will now be on a Friday afternoon.



Happy Christmas from 2AV

Happy Christmas from 2AV 1
Happy Christmas from 2AV 2



It might almost be Christmas but 2AV are still working hard.  In Maths this week, the children have been looking at money and finding different ways of making the same amount.  With lots of illness in the class this week, the children who have been absent didn't moan and instead, worked hard at catching up.


In Literacy, we have continued our study of the book The Lonely Beast.  The children are writing a newspaper report, trying to find friends for the Beast.  It is quite tricky when you are only in Year 2 but again, the children are persevering and I look forward to reading the final versions.


In Topic, we finished our Fact Cards on Dinosaurs and are now adding the dinosaurs to our Mesozoic Era timeline.  When we have finished that, our Christmas and Winter activities will begin!


Just a reminder, Wednesday 13th is our last swimming session.  And don't forget to buy some raffle tickets if you can!  There are lots of fabulous goodies to be won!!


Mrs Veitch smiley

Still producing great homework!

Still producing great homework! 1
Still producing great homework! 2
Still producing great homework! 3



It was lovely to meet so many of you this week at the Parent Consultation evenings.  The children are all working hard and it was a pleasure to be able to update you all on their individual progress.  Keep up the good work 2AV!


In Maths this week, the children have been learning all about division.  What a great bunch of mathematicians they are.


In Literacy, we are now studying 'The Lonely Beast'.  It is a wonderful book and we have been using role play, group discussions and story maps to bring the story to life.  The children are really enjoying it.


Finally, in Topic, the children continue to learn all about Dinosaurs.  As this topic draws to an end, we were learning all about the different theories why dinosaurs became extinct.


Don't forget swimming on Wednesday.


Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Veitch



The weeks are now flying by this term!


This week the children have been amazing mathematicians working incredibly hard at multiplication.  Well done everyone.  In Literacy, after a week of planning, the children spent 3 lessons writing their own versions of The Snail and the Whale.  What a wonderful set of stories to read - thank you 2AV.


In Topic, the children have sketched and used a wax resist technique to create stunning fossil pictures.  


Just a reminder, swimming continues Wednesday 29th November.


I look forward to seeing lots of you at one of the Parents Consultation evenings next week.


Mrs Veitch smiley

Fabulous Fossil Pictures!

Fabulous Fossil Pictures! 1
Fabulous Fossil Pictures! 2
Fabulous Fossil Pictures! 3
Fabulous Fossil Pictures! 4

Postcards we wrote from the snail...

Postcards we wrote from the snail... 1

More amazing homework!

More amazing homework! 1
More amazing homework! 2
More amazing homework! 3
More amazing homework! 4
Picture 1
Picture 2


What a lot of spots!  Thank you for your support and kind donations for Children in Need.


We have had another busy week.  In Literacy we have been busy planning our own versions of The Snail and the Whale and will start writing them next week.  I can't wait to read the final stories.


In Maths, our focus has been Time.  The children are now experts at o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to.  


In Topic, after making our own fossils last week, the children have been learning about how fossils are made and discovered years later.


The children continue to work hard during their swimming lessons.  It is lovely to see their happy faces when they are in the water.


Don't forget, this week you can sign up for an appointment for Parents Evening.  



Wow!  What a week we have had!


On Wednesday, we got to meet 2 dinosaurs at school.  They were called Baby Jack and Milly the T-Rex.  The children learnt lots of interesting things about dinosaurs.  They also impressed our visitor with their own knowledge too!


Then on Thursday, we were Paleontologists, just like Mary Anning.  We found out more about how fossils are formed and then we got to hunt for them.  We had to brush the sand off really carefully.  Then we had to match the fossils we found to the pictures.  We found skeletons, skulls, tails and an egg.  What a fabulous experience.


In Numeracy we were learning all about measure and in Literacy we have written postcards from the snail to the whale, produced detailed story maps and used role play to help us with our writing.  

Excellent Homework from 2AV

Excellent Homework from 2AV 1
Excellent Homework from 2AV 2
Excellent Homework from 2AV 3
Excellent Homework from 2AV 4
Excellent Homework from 2AV 5



Welcome back to school!  I hope you all had a lovely half term break.


Well, what an exciting start to the new half term.  Mr Marshall, our school caretaker, had been digging during half term in our Forest School area and he made an exciting discovery!  There was a huge bone.  We went to have a look and tried to work out what on earth it could be.  Where did it come from?  Who or what did it belong to?


We decided it was a bone from a dinosaur!  It was just too big to be anything else.  2AV think it is a leg bone.  We are so excited to be learning all about dinosaurs.  Maybe by the end of term we will be able to work out what type of dinosaur the bone came from.  Was it a T-Rex or a Diplodocus?


The main corridor in school has been transformed for our new topic.  There are hanging vines and leaves everywhere.  What a fantastic start to 'Jurassic Park'.


Another exciting time this week was when we climbed on the bus to go for our swimming lessons!  The children were incredibly excited that it was finally their turn.  Every single child did their very best in the pool and I know they can't wait to go again next week.

Picture 1



What an exciting week!  2AV have been incredibly busy in the run up to half term.  On Wednesday we had a visit from the Dentist.  The children learnt all about looking after their teeth, what foods they should eat and what happens when you go to the dentist.  Some of the children were chosen to dress up as a dentist, a dental nurse or a patient and find out all about the jobs.  Maybe some will decide this is what they want to do when they grow up...



Looking after our teeth


On Friday, all our hard work as Event Organisers resulted in our very successful Art Exhibition.  We had designed and sent invitations to Year 1 and Reception and we put posters up around school.  We then had to turn our classroom into a gallery space and practice how we were going to welcome our guests and think about what we might want to talk about.  We even created a powerpoint presentation with lots of information we have found out about Claude Monet and Andy Warhol.  


I was very proud of all of the children.  As they were so proud of their own work and knew lots of facts, our guests told us they had a lovely time.  What a great success!


Well done 2AV for all your hardwork.  As well as all of this, we even had time to work on subtraction in Maths!


I hope you all have a good half term and come back recharged for another busy 7 weeks.  Our next topic is Jurassic Park.



The children have worked so hard this week - I am very proud of them!


Another busy week in 2AV began with a visit from Jimbob, the tortoise.  He is just about to go into hibernation and we were very lucky to see him.  We heard all about how to look after tortoises, what they like to eat and what will happen when he goes to sleep for the winter.  Jimbob is approximately 60 years old!




Jimbob  1

And if that was not enough excitement, we were then visited by two police officers.  They came to see the children as part of our topic 'When I Grow Up...'  They talked to the children about what it is like to work for the police.  The children had lots of questions to ask!  They then got to try on a police helmet and a coat.  The children particularly liked it when one of the policemen put their teacher in handcuffs!  As a final treat, we went out to see their police car.  The children got to look around.  Lots of children in 2AV now want to be police officers when they grow up.


A visit from the police

A visit from the police 1
A visit from the police 2
A visit from the police 3
A visit from the police 4

On Wednesday, we had another exciting visitor.  Mrs Tipping (Grace's mum!) came to see us and talk to us about being an Events Organiser.  Year 2 are holding their very own Art Exhibition this week so she gave us lots of ideas and hints and tips on how to organise a successful event.  We can't wait to get started now.


In Maths, the children have been learning about addition, particularly adding two 2-digit numbers together.  


Finally, I have included more examples of amazing homework.  I am so impressed by the effort being put into homework by many of the children this term as it really helps consolidate what the children are learning at school.


Thank you for your ongoing support.

Mrs Veitch smiley

More amazing homework!

More amazing homework! 1
More amazing homework! 2
More amazing homework! 3



Another busy week has flown by!


As part of our topic work on 'When I Grow Up...' we have continued our work as artists.  We finished painting our own versions of the the Waterlily Pond by Claude Monet.  We also sketched it and used pastels.  The children have produced some amazing work.



The Waterlily Pond

The Waterlily Pond 1
The Waterlily Pond 2
The Waterlily Pond 3
The Waterlily Pond 4
After painting the Waterlily Pond, the children then used clay to create their own waterlilies.  They worked incredibly hard.  Once they are completely dry, we will paint them.

Clay Waterlilies

Clay Waterlilies 1
Clay Waterlilies 2

The children continue to produce some wonderful homework.  Take a look at what they have produced.  I am also still receiving some beautiful versions of the Waterlily Pond and now have a gallery on my board.  Thank you children.



More amazing homework!

More amazing homework! 1
More amazing homework! 2
More amazing homework! 3
More amazing homework! 4
More amazing homework! 5



We have had a busy week in school.  In Maths our focus has been on shapes.  We have learnt all about sorting shapes depending on their properties, looking for lines of symmetry and finding right angles.  All of the children have really enjoyed using mirrors as well as going on a right angle hunt.  Well done everyone for working so hard this week.


We are continuing with Read Write Inc in Literacy until half term.  


As part of our topic, 'When I Grow Up...' this week we have been artists.  Using the artist Claude Monet as our inspiration, we have begun creating our own version of his famous painting 'Water Lily Pond'.  We are not using paintbrushes to paint, we are using the tips of our fingers!  It is a work in progress so the paintings below are not finished yet!  I have been particularly proud of those children who then went home and made their own versions of the painting in their own time.  Well done!


Water Lily Pond by Claude Monet

Water Lily Pond by Claude Monet 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Excellent Homework

Excellent Homework 1
Excellent Homework 2
Excellent Homework 3



Welcome to Year 2 and 2AV!  All of the children have settled in well to the new routines and are already working really hard.


It was lovely to see so many of you at the information meeting on Friday afternoon.  I hope it was useful in explaining the expectations in Year 2 and the ways in which you can support your child. 


This page will keep you updated weekly on the activities your child has been involved in at school.  Please come back and check what we have been busy doing and learning about each week.


This week I have included some pictures of our classroom.  You can see some of the lovely work the children have already produced.  I have also included some examples of excellent homework I have already seen.


Thank you for your support, Mrs Veitch smiley

Our 'We are Incredible' display

Our 'We are Incredible' display 1

Our Reading Challenge - who can reach the planets?

Our Reading Challenge - who can reach the planets? 1

When I Grow Up...

When I Grow Up... 1

We made skeletons and labelled the different parts.

We made skeletons and labelled the different parts. 1
We made skeletons and labelled the different parts. 2

Excellent Homework

Excellent Homework 1
Excellent Homework 2