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Another busy half term is under way.  Our topic for this term is 'Farm to Fork'  We have been learning all about plants, food chains and where our food comes from.  We have been busy planting a variety of seeds including onions, radishes, carrots and salad leaves.  Our seeds are loving all the sunshine.


We have also been to Baylham Rare Breeds Farm.  We all had a lovely day.  Please have a look at the photos.



Picture 1

Wow!  What a class of superstars 2AV are!  Just wanted to say 'Well Done' to every single member of the class who have worked so hard on the quizzes over the last 2 weeks.  I am incredibly proud of every single child in my class and I know they all did their absolute best.


To celebrate the end of the quizzes, on Friday afternoon the children had fun playing on the field, icing space biscuits before eating them and finishing with some Minecraft yoga!


Only one more week until half term.  Back to our normal timetable with maths, literacy and topic, and our last week of swimming before a well deserved week off.


Mrs Veitch frown

Wow!  What an exciting week we have had.  It was Science Week and, during the afternoons, each class had the opportunity to work with different teachers on a variety of experiments linked to Space.  The children had a lot of fun and learnt lots.


On Tuesday, we visited The Dome.  We climbed into the inflatable dome which had been set up in the hall, and sat on the floor.  Then we looked up and we were looking at the night sky.  The children learnt about constellations and can tell you how to find the North Star.  They also know what is a planet and what is a star when looking at the night sky.  Finally they watched a film all about the planets.  It was a wonderful experience for all of the children.   


Welcome back to school and the Summer term.  I hope you had a lovely Easter break.


The first week back has been incredibly exciting.  When the children arrived, there was a surprise for them in the wooded area.  There was a mysterious landing site.  We looked really carefully and tried to work out what had happened.  The children had lots of questions about the objects that had been left behind.  Who or what had been there?


This was an amazing start to our new topic 'Fly me to the Moon'.  Already we have researched lots of facts about the planets during our Topic lessons and, on Friday, we drew the planets with pastels.  In Literacy we have begun gathering facts about Neil Armstrong.


Thank you very much to all the parents and carers who so brilliantly supported our Dress Up day on Friday. The children all looked amazing and we have raised enough money for Dome Day next Tuesday.  This promises to be yet another exciting day in school.


Finally, next week is Science Week in school and the children will have lots of opportunities to carry out experiments linked to Space.

Yet another busy week has flown by in 2AV!  The children started their swimming lessons on Wednesday. They were all very excited.  I'm proud to report that the adults who accompanied them all said how excellent they were and that we have some amazing swimmers in the class.  Well done everyone!


The children also enjoyed their final author visit.  Nick Butterworth came to school and he was fantastic. The children were fascinated by his tales about being an author and how to write stories.  Hopefully he has inspired a new generation of authors and illustrators.


We finished the week with Red Nose Day.  What fabulous outfits the children wore.  Great work everybody.


And finally, it was lovely to meet parents again at the Parents Evenings.  Remember, if you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to speak to me at the end of the day or write a note in the Reading Record book.


Mrs Veitch smiley

What a busy few weeks!  Over the last 2 weeks, we have been using the book 'Meerkat Mail' for inspiration in our lessons.  In Literacy we created a new version of the book where Sunny visited Springfield and we had to write the postcards home.  In Topic, we have made clay meerkats which we then painted.


The children have been very lucky to have 2 authors visit us at school.  Darron Jon Love (who used to go to Springfield Infants School!) visited us and read his book to us.  The following week, Chris Wormell visited.  He read a couple of his books, told us all about his life as an author and then did some amazing illustrations using our ideas!  We are really looking forward to Nick Butterworth visiting us next.


Don't forget, we start swimming lessons on Wednesday 22nd March. 

Welcome back to yet another busy half term! 


This term our topic is 'Awesome Authors' and we have lots of exciting activities planned.  As a year group, we are studying the author Emily Gravett.  The children can tell you lots of interesting facts about her. Last week we became authors and wrote our own versions of her book 'Dogs' but we wrote our books about Cats.  Just like Emily Gravett, we also illustrated our own books.  We are very proud of them!


For the next 2 weeks, we will be studying another book by Emily Gravett, 'Meerkat Mail'.  We will also be doing work in our Topic linked to this book.  


Wow! What a busy half term we have had.  Our topic has been 'Rain, Rain, Go Away!' We have learnt so much about the seasons and different types of weather.  After having a go at being weather forecasters, the children studied the clouds and created their own out of cotton wool.  We even made our own water cycle in a bag which we have stuck on our windows, watching closely when the sun shines.  After learning all about wind and tornadoes, the children made a tornado in a jar using washing up liquid and glitter. They were amazing!


In Literacy we have been looking at the book 'Lila and the Secret of Rain'.  The children have produced some fabulous writing including retelling the story and call and response poems.  


In Maths, the children have been working so hard on a variety of things including time, division and fractions.  I am very proud how hard they have been working and rising to the challenge.  Well done 2AV!



Wow! What an amazing day we had yesterday celebrating the end of our Incredible India topic. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the activities which included dancing, printing and creating Mendap decorations,

We even tasted traditional Indian snacks. It was a fun filled end to a fascinating learning experience.

We have been very impressed with the enthusiasm of all of the children throughout the topic. 

Picture 1

This half term is flying by!  We have been so busy in 2AV.


In Literacy, we have been looking at non-fiction texts.  We have looked at the features and written our own non-fiction text about India.  This week, we read the beginning of a book called 'The True Story of the Three Little Pigs'.  The children are planning their own version of this story.  What if the wolf wasn't big, bad and scary?  Did he mean to knock the houses down?  The children had some wonderful ideas - was the wolf actually lonely and looking for friends?  Was he looking for somewhere to live now that winter has arrived?  I can't wait to read the final versions of the stories.


In Maths, we have been looking at measure.  The children have been weighing and measuring.  They particularly enjoyed measuring themselves, including their feet and their hand span.  This week, we have moved onto multiplication.  The children have had lots of practice showing what it means to multiply, showing groups of numbers and calculating the answers.  All of the children rose to the challenge, working really hard.


In Topic, our journey around Incredible India continues.  After 'flying' into Mumbai and a train journey North to Agra, we visited the Taj Mahal.  The children have created their own models of the Taj Mahal out of junk modelling.  We continued our journey to the capital New Delhi.  This week we have visited the River Ganges before travelling to the Himalayas.  Next week we will be looking at weddings in India before our celebration day on Thursday.


As you can see, the children have been so busy.  They are all working so hard.  Well done everyone! smiley


Welcome back to a new half term!  It was lovely to see so many of you with your children before the holiday, sharing their learning all about Brilliant Brains and doing LEGO challenges together.  It was a great way to finish the topic.


We have now started our new topic, Incredible India.  The children have been looking at maps, particularly the continents and oceans, and we have located India.  This week we will 'travel' to India and begin our journey around this fascinating country.


In Literacy, we are studying poetry.  The children are excited about calling themselves poets and they will be by the end of the week!  We have already looked at the features of poems and some famous poets.  After going on an Autumn walk on Friday and using our senses, next week the children will be using their experience to write their own poems.  I can't wait to read them.


In Maths, we have been using language to describe position such as behind, beside, through and between. The children have been Robots who can only follow clear instructions such as 1 turn clockwise and 3 steps forward.  The children were experts at giving each other instructions by the end of the week.


We have another busy week ahead, full of learning and fun. smiley 


The children have been working so hard over the last 2 weeks.  I am so proud of them.  


In Maths we have been learning about the symbols < > and =.  Ask your children to tell you what they mean. Not only that, they have also been working hard on addition, using an empty number line to help.


In Literacy, after reading 'The Day the Crayons Came Home', we have been looking at the features of letters and postcards and written our own versions.  To improve our writing, we have also been learning how to use adjectives and conjunctions.


If that wasn't enough, in our Topic lessons in the afternoon, the children have written fact files all about Tim Peake and taken part in astronaut training.  Last week, we learned all about bridges and have designed, built and tested our own, made out of LEGO and paper.


With 1 week until half term, where will our learning take us next?!?


Thank you for your continuing support, Mrs Veitch.



Can you believe it's already October?  Last week in 2AV we were reading 'The Day the Crayons Quit'.  We discussed the crayons feelings and imagined we were one of the crayons.  As it's a book about letters sent by the crayons to their owner, Duncan, we looked in detail at the features of a letter.  We began planning our own letters and the children will be writing them this week.


In Maths, we started the week by revising 2D shapes.  From there, we progressed onto symmetry and right angles.  All of the children had lots of fun using their angle munchers searching for right angles in our classroom.


In Topic, we talked about our brain and why it is so important that we look after it.  The children had to classify the things that were good for our brains (such as lots of sleep, playing outside and healthy eating) and the things that are not so good for our brain (watching lots of TV and eating too much junk food!)


Looking forward to another busy week at school smiley

Wow!  What a busy start to our Autumn term.  The children have been working extremely hard.  

In Maths, we have been learning our number bonds and looking at how knowing our number facts can really help us with our learning.

In Literacy, we read Handa's Surprise.  After making storymaps and doing some role play, we had to retell the story and add adjectives.  We have also written instructions about how to make a fruit kebab.  

As part of our Brilliant Brains topic, we learnt about the human body, drawing around one of our friends and labelling.

Well done everybody!  Keep up the good work. smiley

Hello and welcome to Year 2!

I hope you have all had a lovely summer break. The children have all had a fantastic start to the new school year. They all look so smart and are keen to learn. We are very excited about the year ahead and all the exciting topics we will be covering. 

I look forward to meeting you on Monday at the 'Meet the Teacher' session.

Mrs Veitchsmiley