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An Inclusive Curriculum

We endeavour to underpin a high level of expertise and training of staff to support children and young people with SEND throughout their education. Under the new Code of Practice (20145 - all “teachers are responsible and accountable for the progress and development of all the pupils in their class, including where pupils access support from teaching assistants or specialist staff”. SEN code of practice 2014, page 88.



Pupils with SEND are regarded as full members of the school community.  We aim to include them in all opportunities, both curricular and extra-curricular.  This may involve a degree of forward planning and the establishment of extra resources.  It may also involve the preparation of a Risk Assessment or behaviour support plan and careful consideration of the health and safety of all our pupils and staff.

Physical Needs

In accordance with the Equality Act 2010, the school will make reasonable adjustments for pupils with a physical disability.  A physical disability alone does not necessarily constitute SEN, therefore the details of this aspect can be found in our Equality Policy.

Medical Conditions

The school will be guided by the Statutory Guidance on Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions (2015).  As with a physical disability, a medical condition alone does not constitute SEN and a separate policy is available for the administration of medicines. A health care plan may be sought from a medical professional to outline specific health needs of a child. This cannot be signed off by school without the input from a qualified health care professional. School can provide the form that is required for parents to take with them to the relevant professional.

      SEND Training

            The SENDCo is responsible for the planning and, where possible, the delivery of SEND training for all staff. Regular updates and information about SEND can be given on staff training days and there are many online opportunities for staff to stay abreast of SEND issues and changes.  It is possible to determine the changing needs of training through an audit of skills that the SENDCo could carry out every one or two years.  This means that staff can communicate to the SENDCo what the greatest training needs are across the school.