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Art and Design

At Springfield Infant School and Nursery, we intend for children to become expressive, imaginative and free using a wide variety of media. Through their time at the school, we should provide them with a range of experiences as well as skills acquisitions to enable them to express themselves creatively. The purpose of teaching art is to provide children with an opportunity to communicate their self-reflection externally. Many children don’t have the words to express how they are feeling, their opinions on subjects or their values, but, through the arts, we may enable them to show this. The skills progression will provide the children with the artistic language and skill in order to do this. Children should learn to appreciate and critique their own, their peers’ and examples from around the world including from a variety of cultures past and present. They should recognise art is not just done by ‘famous artists’, but is a communication tool in the skill repertoire of designers, book illustrators, architects, film makers etc.