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Autumn Term 1 Effort Cup & Cloud 9

Congratulations to the following children who were selected for one of our special awards this half term. We are very proud of you!


Effort Cup

Cloud 9 Child(ren) & reason


Arabella  - For good behaviour, sharing and helping others to share.



Scarlett– Scarlett has made amazing progress with both reading and writing and has started to independently blend and can write initial and end sounds in words.

Matilda – Matilda has become much more confident in her abilities this half term and she is now happy to speak out in front of others.  When we were at Forest Schools, she was very animated about a hide and seek game we played and shared her spider findings with the rest of the group.




Brodie – Brodie is never afraid to rise to the challenge and to push his learning further – especially in maths where he can add in his head.



Charlie – Charlie has shown an excellent attitude to his learning and is very enthusiastic to practise writing the new sounds that he has learnt.

Frankie – Frankie has really grown in confidence and can now sound out and blend words. You should be proud of yourself Frankie!



Oscar – Oscar has shown such a great attitude to learning this half term and has made fantastic progress with his ‘hold a sentence’ work and his ability to use his Fred Fingers. He is just like Terry the Tortoise and will always persevere, no matter the challenge.

Aaliyah – Aaliyah is slowly developing in her confidence across all areas of her learning and she will always take time over her work to ensure that it has been completed to the best of her ability. Aaliyah is also an incredibly polite pupil and will never leave for lunch without telling me: “enjoy your lunch Miss Fountain” which always puts a smile on my face.



Tobias– Tobias is a fantastic pupil. He has such a positive attitude to learning and always strives to do his best.

Leo – Leo has absolutely beautiful handwriting and always presents his work neatly just like Percy the Peacock.



Lenas – Lenas has been working so hard on her presentation and is now just like Percy the Peacock when she is writing words and recording numbers in Maths.

Caden – Caden is just like Geofrrey the Giraffe in Maths lessons and has been able to rise the challenge and work with increasingly tricky numbers when completing addition problems.



Elijah – for being like Geoffrey the Giraffe and always rising to the challenge. Elijah is an excellent role model for the rest of the children especially in maths.

Juliet – Juliet is a kind member of our class who always helps other people and looks after other children if they are sad or hurt.

Skalla - Skalla is an excellent role model. She always tries her best and puts 100% effort into her work. She presents her work beautifully and has very near handwriting.



Shanti & Antonia-Maria -for a super effort in maths, persevering and rising to the challenge even when they find learning difficult.

Harry - for taking on board feedback on how to improve his handwriting and the presentation of his work, just like Dixie!

Calli - for being a great mathematician! Always ready to answer questions, share her learning and explain her reasoning to others.



Samanta – Always working hard and putting her all into her work. Always showing the best behaviour and has a smile on her face every day, which makes Mr. Chapman feel happy.

Reena – Gaining in confidence. Started the year not joining in much but is now putting her hand up in lessons more and sharing her ideas and learning.

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