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Autumn Term 2

Huge Congratulations to......


Effort Cup

Cloud 9 Child(ren) & reason






Troy– For always keeping on trying like Terry the Tortoise. Troy can focus on activities and spend such a long amount of time working hard, even when his friends are doing something different. Troy will always challenge himself, well done!

Ava– For being fantastic in Read Write Inc. Ava has listened so well and always joins in with saying the sounds. She can recognise lots of sounds now and is starting to blend them together on her own. Ava always starts her letters in the correct place too!



Imarni – For working like ‘Oscar the Owl’ - she just quietly gets on with her work. Imarni is doing well in Read, Write Inc and is confident to sound out new words, as well as reading some words by sight.

Matilde – Matilde has persevered like ‘Terry the Tortoise’ with learning her sounds. She can now recognise most sounds and is beginning to blend to read words. Matilde also reads regularly at home.



Logan For making lots of progress in Maths, especially with adding and subtracting, he is also much better at blending, helping his reading..

Sadie – For always trying to be like Oscar Owl, even when it is not easy and for being like Terry Tortoise, learning lots of new sounds!



Aimee – For a much-improved effort in maths and RWInc. And staying focussed like Oscar Owl.

Jayden – For rising to the challenge in maths and being like Oscar Owl.



Skalla For modelling exceptional behaviour at all times and for always working hard and rising to the challenge.

Jaiden For being a positive, helpful and hardworking pupil, who never gives up and always puts in 100% effort.



Emily – for being like Terry the Tortoise and never giving up even when she finds things tricky.

Arabella – for putting lots of effort into all of her work and being an excellent role model to the other children in her class.



Jasmine -for growing in confidence and now wanting to share her fantastic ideas with other children.

Tymon -for improving his learning behaviours in class and putting lots of effort into his work.



Jessie Jessie has been working hard to develop her learning behaviours and now gives 100% effort to all of her work all the time.

Caillan – Caillan rises to every challenge, just like Geoffrey Giraffe and is always keen to make his work even better!



Jack - Jack has continued to make an amazing effort in all his work, he rises to the challenge and stays focused on his work all the time.

Megan - Megan never gives up even when things are difficult, her reading is becoming more fluent and her confidence in the classroom is growing. She now joins in with whole class discussions and shares her ideas with others.