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Autumn Term 2 Effort Cup & Cloud 9

Congratulations to the following children who were selected for one of our special awards this half term. We are very proud of you!



Effort Cup 

Cloud 9 Child(ren) & reason


Lora P  

Lora always works hard and tries her best. She has really settled well this term and is making lots of new friends.


Frankie H

Eliza - Eliza has worked very hard on being able to write her name independently and I can now read it when she puts it on her work.  It looks very neat and letters are correctly formed.

Annabella – learnt all the words to all the songs in our Nativity play.   She sings them sweetly and listens to the music carefully to keep in time.


Sofia S

Mia – Mia-Jade has worked very hard with her writing and always takes pride in her work- just like Percy peacock. She takes her time and never rushes. 

Albie - Albie has worked very hard on his writing this half term. His handwriting is improving every day and he is starting to use his phonics to help him with his writing. 

Marnie - Marnie has worked hard to learn all of the words to the songs in our Nativity Play. She always does her best singing when we practise and puts in 100% effort.


Ava H

Lily – Lily has consistently worked hard to improve her reading and writing. She has made a fantastic improvement with her reading and is now able to blend sounds together independently.

Theon – Theon always rises to the challenge in Maths lessons. Theon has a brilliant understanding of numbers and is always willing to help other children with their learning. His hard work and effort with learning his sounds has resulted in him becoming an excellent reader!


Charlie S

Esme – Esme always tries extremely hard with whatever challenge she is faced with and she has even been trying to independently use adjectives in her writing. She always follows the school rules and is amazing at managing her distractions – just like Oscar Owl. 

Ellie – Ellie has been making great progress in maths this term and she has been working extremely hard on developing the presentation of her writing and her independent maths work – just like Percy Peacock.


Sadie D

Imarni – Imarni is an excellent role model for our class. She is polite and well behaved, She has fantastic learning behaviours and reflects all of our schools learning buddies. She has worked very hard to improve her handwriting this term and now takes great pride in her presentation. 

Kajus  – Kajus has worked incredibly hard this term. He has found some aspects of his learning a little challenging at times, however he always rises to the challenge and perseveres like Geoffrey Giraffe and Terry Tortoise, which is paying off in Maths and Writing. His  behaviour is exceptional and he manages his distractions well just like Oscar Owl.


Milita B

Tyler  – for being like Geoffrey the Giraffe and rising to the challenge in Maths making so much progress with his learning. Tyler is able to confidently explain what he is doing and what he thinks. When working in his book he uses drawings to support problem solving.

Olivia  – Olivia is a real role model in our class. Olivia has wonderful learning behaviours and is able to be like all the behaviour buddies. In particular she is rising to the challenge in Maths and is working hard on problem solving but is also developing ideas in her writing and working hard on her presentation.


Bella D

Evie – Evie has completely immersed herself in our topic ‘Fly Me to the Moon’. She produced some excellent work during this topic especially her work on planets. 

Marcel  – Marcel has made amazing progress this half term. He always puts 100% effort into all of his work. 

Gwendoline – Gwen has a genuine enthusiasm for learning and is always a happy to try new things. She has put so much effort into improving her handwriting and presentation. 

Jayden – Jayden has tried really hard to make the right choices this term. He has put a lot of effort into improving his presentation.


Zuriella E

Scarlett  – For persevering in maths especially when she finds things difficult.

Esme - For rising to the challenge in our ‘Fly me to the Moon’ topic, working hard and producing some lovely work on planets.

Isaac – For his enthusiasm in all subjects and always being ready to put up his hand and answer questions.


Tia-Louise B

Kai  – Kai is trying much harder in lessons, especially in maths. Miss Cunningham has been pleased with his progress and I have enjoyed him showing me what he has learned when I test him out with tricky sums.

Isla – Isla is participating more in lessons. She has started putting her hand up a lot more in lessons and I have been particularly impressed with her contribution in science lessons. I hope she carries on developing her inquisitive mind.