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Curriculum Overview

Chris Quigley Geography Curriculum:
  • To investigate places
    • Ask and answer geographical questions (i.e: What is this place like? What or who will I see in this place? What do people do in this place?)
    • Identify key features of a location (in order to describe whether it is a town, city, village, coastal, urban, rural area)
    • Use world maps, atlases and globes (to identify the UK and its countries, expanding to other countries, continents and oceans/seas studied)
    • Use simple fieldwork/observational skills (to study the geography of the school and the key human/physical features of the surrounding local area)
    • Use aerial images (recognising landmarks and features)
    • Name, locate and identify characteristics of the UK (four countries, capital cities and surrounding seas)
    • Name and locate the worlds continents and oceans


  • To investigate patterns
    • Understand similarities and differences (of human and physical geography) when comparing an area of the UK with a contrasting non-European country
    • Identify seasonal and daily weather patterns
    • Identify hot and cold areas of the world (in relation to the Equator and the North and South Poles)
    • Identify land use around the school


  • To communicate geographically
    • Use basic geographical vocabulary (to talk about human and physical features)
    • Use compass directions (north, south, east and west) and locational language (near and far) to describe locations, features and routes on a map
    • Devise a simple map (and create and use basic symbols in a key)

Geography Topic Links:

Geography is not taught in isolation at Springfield Infant School and Nursery, as each topic is cross curricular and each topic encompasses a variety of subjects. However, over the three year topic cycle Geography is seen most notably in the areas highlighted below:

  • Year 1 - When I Grow Up, Jurassic ParkNow and Then (learning about what Ipswich was like in the past and now), Springwatch (learning about the seasonal weather patterns), Kings and Queens, World Explorer (learning about a different location and comparing our knowledge of the UK with another country or continent)

  • Year 2 - Terrific Transport (learning about different transport in different places), Heroes and Villains, Rain Rain Go Away (learning about the seasonal weather patterns), On Safari (learning about a different location and comparing our knowledge of the UK with another country or continent) Magic Garden, London (a deep dive into the city, what a city is, what the features are, and comparing London with where we live)

  • Year 3 - Ipswich (a study of our local area), Fly Me to the Moon, Awesome Arts, Farm to Fork (learning about rural areas and comparing rural areas with urban places, such as where we live), Oh I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside (learning about the coast and the seaside, features and uses of the area and comparing coastal areas with where we live), Take Off To Tokyo (learning about a different location - inspired by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics - and comparing our knowledge of the UK with another country or continent)