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Curriculum Overview

To develop ideas

Respond to ideas and starting points.

Explore ideas and collect visual information.

Explore different methods and materials as ideas develop.

To master techniques

  • Drawing

Draw lines of different sizes and thickness.

Colour neatly following lines.

Show pattern and texture by adding dots and lines.

Show different tones by using coloured pencils.

  • Painting

Use thick and thin brushes.

Mix primary colours to make secondary.

Add white to colours to make tints and black to colours to make tones.

Create colour wheels.

  • Collage

Use combination of materials that are cut, torn and glued.

Sort and arrange materials.

Mix materials to make texture.

  • Sculpture

Use a combination of shapes.

Include lines and texture.

Use rolled up paper, straws, paper, card and clay as materials.

Use techniques such as rolling, cutting, moulding and carving.

  • Print

Use repeating or overlapping shapes.

Mimic print from the environment (e.g. wallpapers).

Use objects to create prints (e.g. fruit, vegetables or sponges).

Press, roll, rub and stamp to make prints.

  • Textiles

Use weaving to create pattern.

Join materials using glue and/or a stitch.

Use plaiting.

Use dip dye techniques.

  • Digital media

Use a wide range of tools to create different textures, lines, tones, colours and shapes.

To take inspiration from the greats

Describe the works of notable artists, artisans and designers.

Use some of the ideas of the artists studied to create pieces.