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Curriculum Overview

Please see the information below, which provides a summary of the PE Curriculum: -

Essential Opportunities: Participate in team games, develop simple tactics (for attacking and defending), perform dances using simple movement patterns, swimming and water safety.


  • Games: Use the terms ‘opponent’ and ‘team-mate’, use rolling, hitting, running, jumping, catching and kicking skills. To develop tactics and lead others.
  • Dance: Copy and remember moves/positions, move with control and coordination, link two or more actions to perform a sequence and choose movements to communicate a mood.
  • Gymnastics: copy and remember actions, move with control and awareness of space, link actions to make a sequence, travelling by rolling forwards, backwards and sideways, hold a position whilst balancing on different points of the body, climb safely on equipment, stretch and curl the body to develop flexibility, jump in a variety of ways and land with control and balance.
  • Swimming: use one basic stroke, breathing correctly, control leg movements and swim unaided up to 25 metres.
  • Athletics: Athletic activities are combined with games in Years 1 and 2 (e.g. running – sprints and relays, jumping – long jump and standing high jump, team games – tug of war etc).

PE Progression in Skills