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Welcome to the Early Years page of our website!

In the Nursery this year is

Mrs Gardiner (Nursery Nurse)

Miss Davies (Early Years practitioner)

Mrs Kaur (Teaching assistant)


The Reception teachers are

Mrs Wesson (Early Years Lead for Nursery and Reception)

Mr Youngs

Miss Walker



We are all looking forward to a fantastic year with your children and they have already been superstars! 

The children have settled into routines well, are starting to listen and engage with the adults and have made lots of new friends!


By the end of Nursery we hope that your child will be........

- independent

- able to make friends

- find and put away resources for themselves

  - able to put their coat on their peg and put it on and zip it up for themselves

- able to change their own clothes

 - able to recognise their own name and write it for themselves

- able to draw a recognisable picture

- able to count objects accurately to 10

- able to recognise simple 2D shapes

- able to talk in a full sentence

- able to hold a pencil correctly with a tripod grip

- be able describe what happens in a story and hold a book correctly.


By the end of Reception we hope that your child will  ....

-  work as a member of a group 

- understand other children's feelings

- express themselves clearly

- read simple sentences and be able to explain what has taken place

- form letters clearly

- write a full sentence that can be read by others

- draw a detailed picture

- recognise and order numbers to 20

- add and subtract with single digit numbers

- recognise and describe 2D and 3D shapes


Thank you for your continued support with your child's education.