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I thought I would share some fabulous examples of homework from year 2. We are currently learning about trees, plants & wild flowers and what they need to grow and stay healthy. The children have completed homework asking them to tell us about garden and wild plants and flowers. These are just a few examples but most children who completed the homework did a fantastic job. Well done Year 2 and Thank You adults for your continued support.

Fabulous Homework!

Fabulous Homework! 1 Arabella
Fabulous Homework! 2 Isaac
Fabulous Homework! 3 Scarlett
Fabulous Homework! 4 Aneesha


Homework will be given out each Friday and needs to be returned to school by the following Wednesday. If homework is not returned by Wednesday we cannot guarantee that new homework will be given by the Friday. We encourage the children to be responsible for their things and to put their homework books in the return box themselves. We will remind them from Monday until Wednesday. The homework set is for the children to complete themselves. Please do not complete their homework for them. Homework should be completed in pencil.



8th November 2019

8th November 2019 1