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Learning Leaps

Friday 25th November

Congratulations to….


Harry Gardner

Working so hard to recognise and work with numbers to 5 – what super progress!


Ethan Steward

You are now starting to blend sounds independently – you will soon be reading – brilliant!


Rebecca Wu

Amazing reading and independent writing – you are so confident and give anything a try – brilliant!


Jasmine Dixon

Just like Terry the Tortoise you persevered to independently write your report on elephants – well done!


Izzy Eaton

A super report on elephants – neat presentation, correcting your own spelling and improved syntax – great work.


Deividas Mikalauskas

Like Terry the Tortoise you are making progress in learning your sounds because you keep trying and you never give up!


Sky Steward

An amazing turn around in attitude – just like Oscar the Owl you are staying focused and managing your distractions – keep it up!


Evelyn Dalison

Rising to the challenge like Geoffrey the Giraffe – you try your best in everything you do – keep up the good work.


Riley Ford

Just like Mandy the Meerkat you are a fantastic team member – you supported others when designing & building the Taj Mahal.

We are very proud of you, keep up the good work.

Friday 18th November

Congratulations to….


Max Maderek

You are now blending your sounds to read whole words confidently – wow!


Mia Brettell

Super blending to read new words – well done Mia.


Laiton Hawkins

You are making amazing progress in phonics – you have learnt sone many new sounds – brilliant!


Alfie Denness

Focusing like Oscar the Owl to complete work which demonstrated your understanding of positional language – well done.


Lily Mortimer

Managing your distractions to work well on your table – well done for listening more carefully.


Henley Fox

Concentrating, listening well and following instructions – we are proud of your progress in your time with us.


Summer Dennis

You are just like Terry the Tortoise – you always try your best and persevere when things get tough – a great role model.


Connor Bills

Terry the Tortoise like Maths work – keep up that positive attitude.


Jacob Poole

Being like Connie the Cat, independent and creative – a super improvement.

We are very proud of you, keep up the good work.

Friday 11th November

Congratulations to….


Megan Girling

Independently drawing 3 fireworks and writing the number 3 underneath – super number recognition.


Aston Breedon

Careful counting and recognising numbers to 20 – great effort.


Nicola Redmerska

It is lovely to see you smiling on your way into school – keep up your positive attitude.


Danny-Jay Green

Rising to the challenge and gaining confidence when swimming – you can do it!


Miya Kaur-Singh

Independently ordering coins by their value – your growing confidence in maths is great to see.


Romario Beaton-Cassidy

Rising to the challenge - using our power words in your independent writing and completing work in the lesson.


Annabel Poole

Amazing handwriting improvement – you have listened to feedback and used it to improve – well done.


Andy Shwani

Rising to the challenge like Geoffrey the Giraffe to write a super Autumn Poem using adjectives and verbs – keep it up.


Rayarn Robinson-Layne

For having a positive and enthusiastic attitude towards learning – having confidence and believing in yourself – it is great to see.

We are very proud of you, keep up the good work.

Friday 4th November

Congratulations to….

NAM     Bella Death      Recognising your own name and holding a pencil correctly - super!

NPM     Ronnie Finbow      Holding your pencil correctly and copying carefully over your name - wow!

RZC      Grace Newman    Having a fantastic imagination and independently creating a fantastic robot - 

                                         just like Connie the Cat - well done!

RAC     Olivia Brooks        Super effort - always being willing to give activities a go - a super attitude.

RDF     Riley Clarke           Excellent progress in phonics and amazing work at home - a brilliant attitude

                                         towards school - well done.

1GP     Jake Palmer-Reid    A hugely improved attitude to school and working independently in class.

1ST      Zuzia Tyzska           Increased confidence in class so you are giving ideas in whole class 

                                           discussions - what a super role model.

1DY      Liam Palmer          Independent sentence writing - being focused like Oscar the Owl.

2TV      Ryan Lowe            Huge improvement in concentration and working to a deadline - a real Oscar 

                                          the Owl this week.

2ZP      Eddie Wilson         A fantastic improvement in you spelling - you are using the words you are

                                          learning in your writing - well done.

2AV      Alicia Burgess       Always trying your best and managing your distractions - great work - keep it


We are very proud of you, keep up the good work.

Friday 14th October

Congratulations to….

NAM     Harry Foreman        Being like Oscar the Owl and concentrating hard on new tasks.

NPM     Ezmae Lloyd            Being like Oscar the Owl and concentrating hard on new tasks.

RZC      Phoebe Longhurst     Being like Oscar the Owl and leading your own learning - a super role  


RAC     Kaila Lima Tingley      Writing your name independently for the first time - wow!

RDF     Rudy Phillips              Coming into school beautifully and growing in confidence - super!

1GP     Hozga Shwani        Trying her hardest, rising to the challenge and completing some super maths


1ST      Jayden Grunberg    Brilliant role model this week - rising to every challenge and landing on

‚Äč                                           Cloud Nine!

1DY      Chloe Foster        An amazing 'Senses' poem - beautiful presentation and using the correct

                                         sentence punctuation and finger spaces.

2TV      Zara Mahmood      Beautiful presentation in Maths - a great example to others.

2ZP      Anand Singh-Kasba      Astonishing progress - being like Terry the Tortoise - never giving up!

2AV      Heidi Dale              Rising to the challenges in Maths - keep up your hard work - just like Terry the


We are very proud of you, keep up the good work.

Monday 10th October

Congratulations to….

NAM     Jaiden Wood          Growing Confidence and making new friends.

NPM     Jasper Martin          Getting changed independently for PE.

RZC      Ava Webb             Being like Terry the Tortoise and finally achieving your goal of getting

                                          changed for PE independently.

RAC     Eliza Coates           Being like Mandy the Meerkat - working collaboratively and supporting

                                          others to write their sounds correctly.

RDF     Caela Woodward   Beautiful letter formation in Read, Write Inc.

1GP     Dylan Deas            Persevering, trying his hardest and having independent ideas - you are now

                                          working extremely hard - well done!

1ST      Leah Kemp            Being an excellent role model in all she does - super presentation and

                                          attitude towards learning - keep it up!

1DY      Dexter Kerry         Confidently ordering numbers to 50 all by himself and self correcting

                                         mistakes - wow!

2TV      Caidon Lambert     Much improved attitude - staying focused and working independently in

                                           Maths - super effort!

2ZP      Danni Allard           Always working hard - beautifully presented and thought through letter

                                           writing - using all the correct features and characters feelings.

2AV      Jude Rogers           Rising to the challenges in Maths - keep up your hard work!

We are very proud of you, keep up the good work.

Friday 30th September

Congratulations to….

NAM    Reena Kaur              Never giving up when learning to write your name.

NPM    Harry Foreman         Getting changed independently for PE.

RZC     Noah Partridge      Incredible reading and always putting in amazing effort - wow!

RAC     Jorgie Allard          Beautiful and independent reading both at home and at school.

RDF      Abela Amado        Excellent counting skills and being a learning role model for others.

1GP      Phoebe Lay           Use of power words and synonyms - challenging herself to produce the best 

                                          writing she could.

1ST      Ezel Saricinar         Rising to the challenge in maths - persevering and completing the challenge 

                                          he thought he couldn't achieve.

1DY      Poppi Gardner      Amazing maths - independently sorting and classifying 2D shapes. 

2TV      Jessica Clennell      Being like Geoffrey the Giraffe - rising to every challenge and always trying 

                                           her best.

2ZP      Filip Sutic               Being like Mandy the Meerkat - collaborating and being kind to others so 

                                           his learning improves but so does that of the others in his group.

2AV      Connor Bills           Being like Geoffrey the Giraffe - rising to the challenge in literacy and maths to

                                              try and produce his best.

We are very proud of you, keep up the good work.

Friday 23rd September

Congratulations to….

RZC      Caillan Corps         Independently creating some super repeating patterns.

RAC     Blake Garner          Persevering when using construction toys to make some amazing robots.

RDF      Emma Green         Being creative when creating a repeating pattern.

1GP      Gurkiran Kaur        Perseverance and self-correcting mistakes when labelling a brain diagram.

1ST      Oscar Scripps         Rising to the challenge – giving everything a go even when he finds it tricky.

1DY      Muhamad Star      Working like Oscar the Owl – staying focused when writing and doubling 


2TV      Ethan Lovelady      Working independently and persevering with some tricky maths work.

2ZP      Bryanii Potkins       Being like Connie the Cat and producing an imaginative, detailed version of

                                           Handa’s Surprise independently.

2AV      Kaden O’Brien       Giving his best every day and producing an excellent piece of writing

                                           containing super adjectives.

We are very proud of you, keep up the good work.


Friday 16th September

Congratulations to….

1GP      Farrah Miller                     Independent editing using an ellipsis

1ST      Jaimee Greening               Listening carefully, following instructions and labelling

1DY      Milly Shimmon- Davies    Independent writing using Fred Fingers to sound out

2TV      Freddie Foreman              An excellent learning behaviours role-model

2ZP      Daniel Foreman                Immense effort both with his work and behaviour

2AV      Skye Maile                        Always being ready to learn – a great start to the year

We are very proud of you, keep up the good work.