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On this page there will be weekly maths lessons and ideas. In addition to that there will be timetables, number formation and problem solving.

Monday 20th April 

Follow this link to Monday's lesson. It has a video lesson, activity and answers. 

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Tuesday 20th April

Follow this link to Tuesday's lesson. It has a video lesson, activity and answers. 

Wednesday 22nd April

Follow this link to Wednesday's lesson. It has a video lesson, activity and answers. 

Thursday 23rd April

Follow this link to Thursday's lesson. It has a video lesson, activity and answers. 

Friday 24th April

Follow this link to Friday's challenge.

Lessons and homework

Please check your 'My Maths' pages to find set maths lessons and homework. You were given a log in and password to take home before the lock down which you can use to access the word at http://wwww.mymaths.co.uk .

Mrs Thrower's, Mrs Vint's and Miss Cunningham's maths groups have a task that last's the whole week. You can complete one or two pages each day.

Mr Chapman's maths group will have different activities each day. Check the note on the activity to see how long you have to complete it.

Word Problems

Can you solve the word problems?

Problem Solving


Can you complete the following task? Instead of concrete maths resources you could use items from around the house such as Lego bricks, pasta or coins etc. Remember to use different sizes, amounts or shapes to represent the tens and the ones. Have fun! 

Shape Hunt

Picture 1
Picture 2


Picture 1
Picture 2


Sing along with Percy to practise your two, five and ten timetables.

2 x table

5 x table

10 x table with grid

Online Games

Good morning!

We hope you are all keeping safe and well. Here is a link to another website that you may wish to use to develop your maths skills. The Maths Factor was created by Carol Vorderman who joined with The Pearson Education group to produce a home learning program for 4-11 year olds. The site has lots of different fun and engaging maths games and activities for you to access and at the moment its absolutely free to use. Please use the following link to register your child. Have fun!


Number Formation

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