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We have had a wonderful start to our 'from farm to fork' topic when we visited Jimmy's farm and explored herb gardens, vegetable patches and got to feed the pigs.  It was very exciting travelling on a coach and we all loved the butterfly house and den building.  Next we are going to plant our own vegetable patch and herb garden!

The children have really enjoyed the 'fly me to the moon' topic. They have pretended to go to the moon in the rocket ship, found out about and made planets, and have tried to rebuild the crashed space ship.  This week we found alien footprints in the garden, followed by what we think were alien eggs.  Yesterday the eggs were empty and we found a slime trail in the garden!

Welcome back to the summer term and our topic 'Fly me to the moon' which is all about space.  So far we have had a crash landing in the wildlife area and we think it may have been a rocketship or alien spaceship.  We dressed up as aliens, mad scientists or astronauts on Friday to fund raise for the planetarium that is coming to visit this week.  We are also having a space themed science week this week where we are going to visit other classrooms in school.  We are having lots of fun with our topic and we are aiming to be space experts by the end of this half term!

Welcome back after the half term break and this term our topic is 'awesome authors.'  We started by looking at Julia Donaldson who has written some our favourite stories including The Gruffalo, Stick Man, Night Monkey Day Monkey, Spinderella, Room on the Broom and Sharing a Shell to name but a few.

We have turned our roleplay area into a library, and later on in the term we are hoping to go on a visit to the local library.  We also have Chris Wormell, Nick Butterworth and Darren Love visiting school who are all fantatstic authors!

Welcome back to nursery and we wish you all a very happy new year.

Our topic this term is 'rain rain go away' and we will be exploring the weather and it's affect.  

We started off the term with a weather studio where we look at the weather outside and report it on our pretend TV as a weather forecast.  Last week we had a flood in the garden (again we used our imaginations,) and we had to come up with ways of sorting it out and rescuing people.  The children decided to build fire-engines, boats and rafts and act out a rescue.  We now have a weather station in the garden where we use our rain and wind gauges to monitor the weather and we have had a maths focus on Incy Wincy spider.  We had to get him to the top of the spout by rolling a dice or spinning the spinner.  We practised counting carefully and recognising numbers.

We had a fantastic time at the Indian wedding this week.  We wore our necklaces and garlands and took over the wedding cake that we made as a present for the bride and groom.  We remembered the dance that we practised last week, and afterwards we came back to nursery for a feast and ate the wedding cake!

We have been very busy at nursery this week preparing for the Indian wedding next week.  We tried out a new recipe for Indian sweets and of course we sampled them and they were delicious!  We also made some jewellery to wear at the wedding with lucky colours red and gold.  

Don't forget to come in your brightly coloured clothes next Thursday!

We have had lots of fun this week at nursery trying to decide whether we should travel to the Indian wedding on the back of an elephant or in a tuk tuk?  To help us make up our minds we made an elephant from boxes and painted it.  Then we added chalk patterns and a wedding rug to the top.  We transformed one of the double bikes into a tuk tuk and added decorations to make it look special.

Welcome back after half term and we are already enjoying our new topic 'incredible India.'  We have a new roleplay area the Indian restaurant, and we made diva lamps and coloured rangoli patterns to help us find out how Diwali is celebrated.

We have had a fantastic term using our brilliant brains.  We have learnt some new letter sounds, practised how to tell a story, got better at counting carefully, used our senses to explore and learnt how to improve our work.  We are very good at having a go, and we don't worry when something goes wrong, we just try again!

Brilliant Brains

Nursery have been finding out about the different learning behaviour animals over the past two weeks and they decorated them.  We have placed them in our entrance area to help us remember to try and be like them when we learn.  Terry the tortoise helps us to remember to never give up and persevere. Geoffrey the giraffe reminds us to rise to the challenge and be confident.  Oscar the owl helps us to remember to stay focussed and manage our distractions.  Mandy the meerkat reminds us to share and co-operate as a team, and Connie the cat is creative, imaginative and independent.  See if you can remember to be like them!

Learning behaviour animals

We have had a very busy week at Nursery.  It was the first time we visited the forest schools area and we found spiders and cobwebs and made our own cobwebs.  It was also the first time we had P.E.  We visited the hall and practised stopping, and moving in different ways.  What a lot of firsts!

Here are some photos of our portraits and the sunflowers we made with dots for international dot day.  Try reading the book 'the dot' by Peter Reynolds.  It helped us to realise that we can all draw!

Welcome to Nursery!!

We have had a fantastic start to the new academic year.  The children began Nursery with a session with their parents to get into the swing of things, and have been absolutely brilliant.  They have spent their first week exploring the resources and finding out where everything is and we have already got into a routine.  Next week we will be finding out a little more about each other and our abilities and practising our school promise 'never give up!'  Well done children, all the staff are very proud of you.