Springfield Infant School and Nursery

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Ofsted Reports

‘This school continues to be good.’

February 2017


* ‘Staff contribute fully and pupils develop resilience and try hard. The pride in their school is very real. Commitment is a trait common to staff and governors.’


* ‘Learning is enjoyable and memorable. Topics bring learning alive and arouse pupils’ curiosity to find things out.’


* ‘The strong ‘family feel’ in the school community gives pupils confidence to have a go, knowing that staff and other pupils will encourage them.’


* ‘Challenge is embraced by pupils. One pupil told me, ‘I like hard work, it helps me get better.’’


* ‘When they need support, pupils receive extra help straightaway and most catch up quickly. Teamwork between teachers and teaching assistants makes sure that the support is tailored so that gaps in pupils’ learning are eradicated.’