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National Theatre' s Live Performance of Treasure Island.

The National Theatre are releasing videos of complete performances during the lockdown period. Here is the video of Treasure Island. You may want to watch this with an adult as pirates can be scary people!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!

How To Dress Up As A Pirate | Treasure Island: National Theatre at Home

When you've watched the performance, you can follow this video and dress up like a pirate.
We's love to see your photos and videos of you dressed and acting like a pirate. Yeeargh!

Learn To Tie Your Shoes!

Tying shoes, doing up buttons, and zipping up zippers can be a challenge for little ones. Follow along with Caitie as she shows us how! Subscribe to the Cait...

Here is a lovely activity for you to try to help you learn to tie your shoelaces. 

Materials Needed:
box cutter (or heavy duty scissors)
screw driver
Picture 1
Step 1
Cut out a square of cardboard and lay down your shoes. Trace the first shoe loosely (be careful not to get marker on the shoe)
Step 2
Trace the 2nd shoe
Step 3
Make a straight line for the toe design at the top of each shoe. Draw ten dots on each shoe for the lace holes
Step 4
"Adult A-Team certified Only" for this one: Lay cardboard on top of thick carpeting and puncture holes with the screwdriver. Spin the screwdriver around to form the holes.
Picture 1

Step 5

Thread laces through the holes and then let your child learn to tie!

Picture 1
You could even colour your shoes in.
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