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PE With Joe | Thursday 23rd April

PE With Joe | Tuesday 21st April

PE With Joe | Monday 20th April

Today's PE!

Try this HITT work out to get your body moving and release any worry or stress.

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P.E With Joe | Thursday 9th April 2020

P.E with Joe | Thursday 2nd April 2020

Today's PE

P.E with Joe | Wednesday 1st April 2020


P.E with Joe | Monday 30th March 2020

Today's PE lesson with Joe Wicks!

Throwing and catching challenge

-Use a soft ball or alternatively you could make a newspaper/paper ball by scrunching up some newspaper/paper into a ball. 

- Throw the ball up into the air above your head and then catch it. Can you do this 10 times in a row without dropping it?

- Now try a chest pass- hold the ball at your chest with both hands and your elbows stick out to the side. How far can you throw it? (measure with your feet or a tape measure)

-Challenge your family- Who can throw the ball the furthest? Who can throw the ball the furthest using a chest past?


Have fun!!!

P.E with Joe | Friday 27th March 2020

Day 5 of my 9am daily workouts

P.E with Joe | Thursday 26th March 2020

Day 4 of my 9am daily workouts

P.E with Joe | Wednesday 25th March 2020

Day three of my 9am daily workouts