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Read Write Inc. Week 8 - 08.06.20

Please watch and join in with one of the daily Speed Sound Sessions listed below.

Remember, the most appropriate videos for children in Year 1 are the Set 2 and Set 3 sounds.


Don't forget to read one of your books each day, either on your own or with a grown up

and make sure you are reading your words so that you can be a super speedy reader! smiley

It is also important to make sure you are practising how to read and spell those tricky red words. Remember you can't Fred a Red because we cannot use our sounds to help us, we just have to learn these words by sight! Videos by the Read Write Inc. team will be uploaded below to support you with practising these words too and are appropriate for children in Year 1. These videos are linked to the Read Write Inc. books and words children are learning at school.


If the books/words you have at home are redgreenpurplepink or orange, follow the Red Words 1 link.

If the books/words you have at home are yellowblue or grey then follow the Red Words 2 link.

Friday 12.06.20 - Set 3 Speed Sounds with Rosie "er"

Friday 12.06.20 - Set 2 Speed Sounds with Rosie "ir"

Friday 12.06.20 - Set 1 Speed Sounds 'o' with Ruth

Wednesday 10.06.20 - Set 3 Speed Sounds with Rosie "are"

Wednesday 10.06.20 - Set 2 Speed Sounds with Rosie "or"

Tuesday 09.06.20 - Set 3 Speed Sounds with Rosie "aw"

Tuesday 09.06.20 - Set 2 Speed Sounds with Rosie "ar"

Monday 08.06.20 - Set 3 Speed Sounds with Rosie "u-e"

Monday 08.06.20 - Set 2 Speed Sounds with Rosie "oo" (look at a book)

Monday 08.06.20 - Set 1 Speed Sounds - 'i' with Ruth

After watching a speed sounds video, it is important to show that you can use your sounds in your writing so there are some writing challenges for you linked to the sound you learn each day.

After each speed sounds session can you...


Challenge 1 - Practise writing the sound in your best handwriting 5 times. 


Challenge 2 - Practise writing 3 different words that contain the sound from your speed sounds session.


Challenge 3 - Finally, complete the challenge of writing a sentence that includes one of those words you have practised writing. Make sure to use your Fred fingers to help with spelling, and remember to include a capital letter at the start (and for any names), a full stop at the end and finger spaces in between the words in your sentence. When you finish read your sentence back to check it makes sense - you can ask a grown up to help you check if you aren't quite sure.


Well done for rising to this challenge, like Geoffrey the Giraffe and for not giving up if you found this challenge tricky, like Oscar the Owl.

Extra Challenge - throughout this week we would like you to practise spelling some of the non-negotiable words we use in our writing at school. Some of these words are difficult to spell so it is really important to keep trying our best at learning to spell them. Extra practise while you are at home means you will be much more confident using them in your work when you are back at school 


This week we would like you to have a go at practising the non-negotiable words we are expected to be able to read and write accurately. These can be a bit tricky for us to spell correctly, the extra practise will make sure when you are back at school you are an amazing speller smiley


There are a few more words to practise this week, but just learn to spell as many as you can.

These words match up with the words in the handwriting section of the home learning pack this week, so if you have been to school with a grown up to collect a pack, you will be able to complete this activity in your home learning booklet. Try to be like Percy with your presentation! Your words to learn this week are:


because          said          some          there          like          went          with

his          one          were          her

Make sure that you write your letters neatly when practising how to write the different sounds.

If you have forgotten what the different letters look like, the image below shows how each of the letters should look when they are written in lowercase cursive and as capital letters.

Picture 1