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  • Please aim to read with your child as regularly as possible. If you are able to read with your child five times a week this will give them the best possible chance of making progress with their learning.
  • When you read at home please record this in your child's Home School Diary.
  • Your child's Home School Diary will be checked every day, so that we can check to see if they have read and also for any notes from you (e.g. appointment times or to confirm if someone different will be picking up your child from school).
  • Reading books will be changed three times a week (every Monday, Wednesday and Friday). If your child has read and it has been recorded in their diary then their book will be changed for a new one.
  • Reading books will not be changed on Tuesday's and Thursday's. This is to encourage you to re-read the same book and to answer the comprehension questions that are stuck in the back of the book. (We will still note if your child has read on Tuesday's and Thursday's).
  • If you wish to keep a specific book for an extra day then please just add a note to their diary to request this.
  • We have a reading challenge in school, so that the children can be rewarded for achieving certain targets (20 reads = a certificate, 50 reads = badge, 100 reads = bookmark, 160 reads = a book).
  • We would appreciate it if you could help your child to practise reading the words (Green words and Red words) that are in the small plastic wallet inside their reading diary. Learning these words will help to improve their reading and writing vocabulary.
  • Thank you for your support in helping your child to read. It is really appreciated!