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Reading & Phonics

If you are able we ask you to encourage your child to continue reading as much as possible.


Ideally we ask that children are reading daily from Monday to Friday, but we appreciate that this is a very challenging time, so we simply ask you do what you can to keep up their love of reading.


We also know that families will not have an unlimited supply of books at home for their child to read, and as a school we have only been able to send out a handful of books from the reading scheme for you to have at home. However, we can direct you to useful online resources so children can continue to read.


It is also important that, where possible, children maintain their phonics skills and through the Read Write Inc. page links below you will be able to find videos of the Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 speed sounds videos. We recommend that most children are watching either the Set 2 or Set 3 videos, as these are most appropriate based on their phonic knowledge. The videos are released throughout the morning, with Set 1 available from 9.30am each morning, Set 2 from 10.00am, and Set 3 from 10.30am. These videos will be released each weekday until May 19th, to help families support children keep up their knowledge of sounds. Please follow the links below to access the videos, set out for the coming weeks.


If you are unable to watch the Read Write Inc. Speed Sounds videos to help children maintain their decoding and blending skills you could encourage them to practise with the words in their reading packs. Can they identify any special friends or chatty friends in the words? Can they identify each of the sounds in the words and say them out loud before they blend and read the words? We know many of the children will be able to read these as speedy words, but it is important that they show you they can still identify the individual sounds in words. You can use these same techniques with the children when they are reading their books. Pick out some words that might be unfamiliar or a bit trickier for them and encourage them to sound them out these words to remind them they are able to have a go at reading all words.


Thank you all for your continued support during these difficult times, the Year One Team smiley


Additional Support and Resources for Home Learning


Below are links to the Oxford Owl ebook library and Connect Collins, both of which are free to access at home and will provide lots of books for your child to read. Both of these sites are mobile and tablet friendly, making them easy for you to use anywhere around the home.


The Oxford Owl for Home site is also great for supporting Read Write Inc. learning at home and includes ebook versions of over 70 books and over 60 speed sounds practice sheets. The page has been fully updated to help parents and carers find the right support for their child. Hopefully you find the site and its resources useful as an additional to support the home learning you are doing.


From Monday 20th April videos of some well-loved stories will be released through the Ruth Miskin Training page for you to enjoy at home. Three stories will be published each week, ideal for children in Early Years and Key Stage 1. We thought these stories would be perfect for you to enjoy as a snuggly read. Follow the link below to find them, available from Monday April 20th on-wards.


Miss Foreman has recorded herself reading some of our favourite stories, starting with many stories by Julia Donaldson, and these will be uploaded to the Story Time page with a new story every week day for you to enjoy as a snuggly read at home. Please follow the link below to find these videos.