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Adventure Stories/Magic Garden

Welcome back and we hope you had a wonderful Easter break. 

This half term we are exploring our 'Magic Garden' and we are starting the topic with the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk' and will be comparing it to the story of 'Jasper's Beanstalk.'  We are going to try and rewrite the story of Jack and the beanstalk with new characters, places and objects.  We will explore how plants grow and the types of creatures you can find in the garden.  We will watch how real caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies and explore the wildlife area during forest school activities.  We are planning to visit the garden pond and go pond dipping.

On Safari

Welcome back and our topic this half term is 'On Safari.'  We had a large crate arrive on Monday which said 'dangerous animal' on the side.  We don't know why it was delivered to our school, but we have had lots of discussions about why it came here and what it could be?  We are exploring animals from different continents - Africa, Asia, South America and The Arctic and Antarctic to see if we can discover which dangerous animal it might be.  We are going 'On Safari' in our indoor and outdoor roleplay areas and later on in the term we will visit Colchester Zoo!

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Rain Rain Go Away

RSW have had a very busy start to the new year and are enjoying the topic 'Rain Rain Go Away.'  We have set up a weather studio in the roleplay area to help us get better at talking about different kinds of weather and the children all enjoy taking it in turns to be the weather forecaster.  In week 1 there was a flood in the Reception garden (a staged one) and the children had to explore ideas as to why this may have happened.  This week we have been learning about the different kinds of weather during the four seasons and next week we will explore the water cycle.  We are in the process of setting up a weather station outside with rain and wind gauges.  We are looking forward to science week during the week of 28th January when we get to dress up as scientists and explore recycling, water and weather.  At the end of our topic we will explore world weather and extremes.

Heroes and Villains

The children have enjoyed learning about our new topic - Heroes and Villains. So far the children have enjoyed listening to various stories that include Heroes and Villains or both: Burglar Bill, The Highway Rat, Supertato, Supertato Veggies Assemble. The class have also thought about who their hero is in their family and why they are so special to them. We have learnt about the different powers Superheroes have and described what Superheroes look like. The children have also shown how much their writing is improving already by labelling a Superhero picture. Next the children will be thinking about designing their own Superhero and painting a picture to show what they might look like. Thank you to all the parents who read regularly with their child at home. This makes a huge difference to their reading progress. A big thank also to all the parents and Grandparents who are supporting their child to do their homework. Please check Tapestry regularly to find out what your child has been doing and learning at school. Mr Youngs

Welcome to RDY! 

Welcome to the RDY class page. The children have all made a great start to their Reception year. They are happy coming in to school and have quickly learnt the school routines. The children are becoming independent and have only been in school for 12 days! Take a look at the children's paintings of themselves below. I'm sure you will agree they look great! The children have learnt about the school promises, our Learning Behaviour Buddies and have also started our 'Terrific Transport' topic. We will be learning about Emergency Services transport, old & new transport, transport from around the world and we are also looking forward to our visit to the transport museum on Thursday 4th October. Please have a look at the Tapestry website for photos of what your child has been doing in school. Thank you for supporting your child with reading at home and also completing their homework. It is very much appreciated! 

Mr Youngs