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In the second half of the Spring half term we are excited to be learning about the job of an author.  We will be focusing on 'Amazing Authors'  Julia Donaldson, Rod Campbell, Nick Butterworth and Chris Wormell before becoming authors ourselves! Please keep checking Tapestry to find out what we have been learning each week! 

Chinese New Year Maths Afternoon

Chinese New Year Maths Afternoon  1
Chinese New Year Maths Afternoon  2
Chinese New Year Maths Afternoon  3
Chinese New Year Maths Afternoon  4
Chinese New Year Maths Afternoon  5
Chinese New Year Maths Afternoon  6
Chinese New Year Maths Afternoon  7
Chinese New Year Maths Afternoon  8
Chinese New Year Maths Afternoon  9
Chinese New Year Maths Afternoon  10
Thank you to all the adults who came to our maths sharing afternoon. We hope you enjoyed joining us for our activities to order numbers both inside and outside. We loved having you in school with us!!

Rain Rain Go Away

Rain Rain Go Away 1
Rain Rain Go Away 2
Rain Rain Go Away 3
Rain Rain Go Away 4
Rain Rain Go Away 5

Happy New Year everyone and welcome back.


Our new topic is Rain Rain Go Away. This week we have been busy learning all about the different types of weather we might have, watching what our weather is like out of the window and creating beautiful pictures of weather to decorate a classroom! 

Indian Wedding Celebrations

Indian Wedding Celebrations 1
Indian Wedding Celebrations 2
Indian Wedding Celebrations 3

Wow, what an exciting day we had today!! The children were amazed to see the hall all decorated for the wedding with the decorations the children across the school had made. During the day we got to experience lots of the different parts of a traditional Indian wedding including Mendhi patterns on hands, watching the wedding ceremony, eating the food we prepared and dancing to celebrate.  

What a fantastic day!! 

Incredible India

Incredible India 1
Incredible India 2
Incredible India 3
Incredible India 4

Wow I cannot believe we are already into our second half term! Thank you for supporting your child's learning at home by listening to your child read, sharing stories and completing homework. Please keep sharing your child's learning at home via Tapestry. It is lovely to see all the different things they have been getting up to over the half term holiday. 


This half term our topic focus is India! We had a very exciting delivery brought to us in our first assembly back after the half term break. Two very special cases were delivered and inside were lots of things that had come all the way from India! The children loved looking at them with Mrs Head and guessing what they could be for. We discovered everything was ready to celebrate a wedding but they didn't have anywhere to get married so Mrs Head said we could have the wedding at school! The date has been set for the 8th December so we will be busy learning all about the different traditions, food, decorations and clothes we might need to make and take!


Keep checking back for photos of our learning this half term. Don't forget to log into your Tapestry account to view your child's learning! If you have any questions about your child's learning, please do come and speak to me after school or arrange a meeting with me via the School Office.

A big welcome from all the adults in reception.


This year the adults working in RZC are Miss Cross as the class teacher and Mr Simpson as the class TA. In RAC Miss Clarke is the class teacher and Miss Bartlett is the class TA. In RDF Mrs Faulkner and Mrs Death are the class teachers with Miss Grover as the class TA. 


The children will have access to the outside learning environment everyday as well as inside their own classrooms. So they will be working with all the adults in reception on a regular basis. 


Take a look at the photos to see what our fantastic new outdoor learning environment in reception looks like. 


Please keep checking back to see what we are learning throughout the school year. 

Our outside area...

Our outside area... 1
Our outside area... 2
Our outside area... 3
Our outside area... 4
Our outside area... 5
Our outside area... 6
Our outside area... 7
Our outside area... 8
Our outside area... 9
Our outside area... 10
Our outside area... 11
Our outside area... 12
Our outside area... 13