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Spellings and Homework

New homework format for Spring Term 2

New homework format for Spring Term 2 1
New homework format for Spring Term 2 2


  • Children will have received a homework booklet for the first half of the Autumn term, containing 5 pieces of homework.
  • One sheet is to be completed by the children per week (the sheet will be dated each week accordingly) .
  • The homework follows the Mrs Wordsmith scheme and is designed to help boost children's use and understanding of a wider range of vocabulary.
  • Homework will be sent out every Friday.
  • Please could you encourage your child to complete the homework as best they can and return every Wednesday.
  • You will receive a new homework book in the second half of the Autumn term, containing topic or maths based homework each week.

Examples of some homework

Examples of some homework 1
Examples of some homework 2
Examples of some homework 3
Examples of some homework 4
Examples of some homework 5
Examples of some homework 6
Examples of some homework 7
Examples of some homework 8
Examples of some homework 9


  • Children will be receive 7 spellings each Friday.
  • Spellings will be stuck in reading diaries each week.
  • Children are expected to practise the spellings at home, ahead of the spelling test that will take place the following Friday.
  • Spellings scores will be written on the relevant spelling sheet within the diaries after the test has taken place.
  • The spellings will consist of five green words (words that the children can sound out phonetically), one red word (words that the children cannot sound out phonetically but will be familiar with from Read, Write, Inc.) and one purple challenge word.
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