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Spring Term 1 Effort Cup & Cloud 9

Congratulations to the following children who were selected for one of our special awards this half term. We are very proud of you!



Effort Cup

Cloud 9 Child(ren) & reason






Thea has truly amazed me with her brilliant written attempts!  She can now write sentences that I can read and she can spell some words correctly, even irregular words I and the.  She also uses finger spaces.

Jack has wowed us during the past two weeks in maths sessions!  He can use appropriate vocabulary to talk about 3D shapes – faces and edges and is beginning to name them.  He also can independently add and subtract mentally with numbers to 10!



Florence has amazed me with her beautiful handwriting the last few weeks. Not only is she trying to remember to start from the line, but she is also taking such pride in her writing just like Percy Peacock and is trying to sit her neat writing on the lines.

Sonny has wowed us all with his brilliant maths work this half term. He is a real whiz with his numbers and enjoys working out the answers to number sentences. Keep it up Sonny! 



Amy – Amy has really impressed me with the leap in her learning in Maths. Amy is really confident to count and recognise a range of numbers. She can also name a range of 3D shapes and talk about their properties. Amy is also happy to share her knowledge and to support other children with their learning. Keep working hard Amy!

Isla-Beau – She has grown in confidence with her learning. Isla-Beau can now recognise a range of sounds and has recently learnt to blend. Her handwriting has improved a lot since September and she is always extremely well behaved in class! Well done Isla-Beau!

Ariana – Ariana did not know any sounds in September, but can now recognise 19 sounds. This is a huge improvement! Ariana is becoming more confident to speak in front of the whole class. You really deserve this award! Well done!



Aoife – Aoife has really developed in confidence throughout this half term and she is becoming such a hard worker! Aoife has been rising to the challenge, just like Geoffrey the Giraffe, especially in maths where she often pushes herself to move onto the challenge tasks. This has been great to see, keep working hard Aoife!

Nojus – Nojus has been working extremely hard this half term and he has made some amazing progress, particularly in maths where has he shown that he can independently halve teen numbers and use the dienes to support him with subtraction! Nojus has also been working with Mrs Beckinsale to improve his reading and he is now reading and decoding with increased fluency! You are doing so well Nojus, keep it up!



Lindan – Lindan is a fantastic pupil! This term he has really developed his Oracy skills just like Dixie the Dolphin and I have been so impressed with the way that he articulates himself and speaks in full sentences. He is also doing really well in Maths and always rises to the challenge to have a go at problem solving challenges, just like Geoffrey.

Maggie – Maggie has worked so hard this half term. She has really begun to push herself within literacy and writing, using her imagination and great vocabulary to improve her sentences. It’s lovely to see her growing in confidence in Maths too. Maggie has found some areas of Maths challenging, however she is now beginning to work more independently. Well done Maggie!



Max  – Max is working harder than ever at being like Connie the Cat when he is working in all lessons now, he completes his work independently and will now check that work is correct or accurate and in particular is pushing himself in his writing. In Read Write Inc. He has fantastic ideas and can write his sentences accurately, remembering all the correct punctuation!

Miles – Miles has become so much more confident as a learner this half term, especially during Maths lessons. Miles will use resources and drawings to show his workings out and he is even able to support other children who he sits near when they are stuck. He is rising to the challenge like Geoffrey the Giraffe and always has a go at solving tricky problems.



Marcel – Always rising to the challenge and now has neat cursive handwriting and excellent presentation.

Bella – Being like Terry Tortoise. Even when Bella finds something tricky she always has a growth mindset and tries a different approach or carries on.

Riley – Being like Geoffrey Giraffe. Riley has risen to the challenge of extending his sentences and now can use the conjunctions ‘and’ and ‘because’.



Amelia and Arabella for always producing neatly presented work. They both work extremely hard to make sure that their handwriting is cursive and neat and their books are beautiful to look at.

Aimee – Having a positive attitude towards her literacy and trying hard to use cursive handwriting.



Alnna and Praise for being fantastic role models and welcoming Luana to the class. They are doing a wonderful job of looking after her, playing with her and helping her know where to go.

Kai and Mohammed for improved presentation and effort with writing their sentences.

Our Effort Cup Children

Our Cloud 9 children

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