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Spring Term 2

Huge Congratulations to...….


Effort Cup

Cloud 9 Child(ren) & reason



Aurora – has started to record in number sessions and is very accurate representing the correct amount of objects on paper.

Hollie – Hollie’s drawing have vastly improved and she produced an excellent picture of a Giraffe which she thought was the animal in the crate.



Mohammed: After much perseverance Mohammed can now write his name independently! Well done for not giving up, just like Terry Tortoise.

Amarah: For beautiful writing. Amarah is just like Percy Peacock, she has become confident in using pre-cursive writing and always tries her very best.



Emily– has tried hard with reading just like Geoffrey the Giraffe and has risen to the challenge.  She is beginning to read by sight and blends if she gets stuck. 

Aaliyah– has been just like Percy the Peacock and her writing is extremely neat and well formed.  She is also writing simple sentences for herself.



Lily – for her beautiful presentation (just like Percy Peacock) in every piece of work, and for using her sounds correctly to support independent writing.



Isaac – Isaac's reading has improved so much. He has persevered like Terry the Tortoise and has now become a fluent and confident reader.

Tilly– There has been an excellent improvement in Tilly’s presentation. Her handwriting is now really neat and she can also join her letters. She is just like Percy Peacock!



Ezmae – Ezmae has grown in confidence this half term. Whilst she found the last term a little challenging, she persevered just like Terry Tortoise and is now doing brilliantly. She also did a fantastic job as zookeeper in our school play.

Oliver Storey – Oliver has really turned his behaviour around this half term. He is so focussed on his learning, just like Oscar Owl, always putting great effort into his work. He has also worked hard on his handwriting and presentation, reflecting Percy Peacock.



Amelia – Amelia always follows the school promises and is an excellent role model for other children. She was a brilliant narrator in our school performance.

Praise – Praise overcome apprehension to perform in our school performance and was an brilliant kitchen helper. She has put so much effort into improving her writing and now uses cursive writing in all her written work.

Reena – Reena is a very kind and conscientious member of our class who always follows the school promises and is an excellent role model for the other children in our class. She has been like Terry the Tortoise this term and preservers with her work even when she finds it tricky.



Emma -Emma has been just like Geoffrey and Dixie this half term. She has grown in confidence and was able to speak in front of a 400 people at the Wolsey theatre. I was extremely proud watching her perform and overcome her fears!



Connor - Connor has been working hard with his maths and reading. He has managed his distractions well this term and persevered, resulting in great progress in these subjects.



Elsie – Elsie has grown in confidence during maths lessons. At times she can find learning new maths ideas tricky but she has persevered just like Terry Tortoise and she rises to the challenge.