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Summer Term 2

Huge Congratulations to.....


Effort Cup

Cloud 9 Child(ren) & reason



Luena (am)  for improved drawing.

Grace V (am) for not giving up when trying to write the word dog.

Brodie (am) for telling us everything he remembered about Claude Monet.

Poppy G (pm) for learning to read 8 words in 2 weeks.

Alfie (pm) learnt to read 12 words in 2 weeks.

Amy (pm)  independently write and correctly spell 6 words.

Rupert (pm) for gently removing a stag beetle out of danger from being trodden on.



Oscar – always making good choices and being a role model to other children. Oscar is great at getting on with his work sensibly and rising to the challenge of coming into school happily after a tricky time earlier in the year.

Lola – has a great attitude to being in school, always putting lots of effort into work and working alongside others without issue like Mandy the Meerkat!



Ellie – has been just like Geoffrey the Giraffe and risen to the writing challenge.  She is now confident to write independently with correctly spelt words.  She can also write many red words!

Lenas – Lenas has really grown in confidence this term and is happy to speak in front of a group or whole class.  She has worked hard and has made fantastic progress in number, reading and writing.



David – David has become so much more confident speaking in class this term, he has fantastic ideas that he wants to share with his classmates, and he is putting these ideas into his writing.

Autumn – Autumn has worked hard on being like Terry the Tortoise in all her learning this term and keeps on trying with her work, even if she is finding the learning tricky. Because of this she is producing lovely work, writing short sentences and completing Maths work more accurately.



Daisy – Daisy has made fantastic progress with her reading and writing since the start of Year 1. She sometimes finds Maths difficult but is rising to the challenge just like ‘Geoffrey the Giraffe’.

Harry – Harry is always enthusiastic, keen to learn and his behaviour in school is always brilliant. He really excels with the Maths challenges and works extremely well with other children to improve their learning.



Robyn is a fantastic pupil. Her behaviour is exemplary, and she is a great role model for the other children. She always puts 100% effort into her work and manages her distractions well just like Oscar the Owl.

Amelia is a delight to have in class. Her behaviour is excellent, and she always listens and follows instructions well. She has also grown in confidence so much this year and is beginning to rise to challenges just like Geoffrey the Giraffe, which has been lovely to see.



Rafael – Rafael has made amazing progress this year especially in reading and in RWI. He has excellent learning behaviours and has been very enthusiastic about all the topics we have been learning about.

Evie - Evie has tried so much harder this term to be more like Oscar the Owl and is managing her distractions much better in class. She has made excellent progress in maths and is able to explain how she got her answer.

Chloe – For now being like Oscar Owl and joining in during in RWI.



Nate -Nate has made exceptional progress this year and has managed his distractions well. He can stay focused on tasks and completes work on his own.

Bella -tries very hard in everything that she does, and reaches for all challenges.

Cody -has become a confident learner who joins in well with contributions.



Rudy –Rudy has made fantastic progress in Literacy. He listens well to feedback and is beginning to produce some super pieces of writing.

Connor - Has worked hard this year to work to be more like Mandy Meerkat - working collaboratively with others.

Kaci – Has risen to the challenge like Geoffrey in every area of learning especially in Maths.



Izabella – Izabella tries hard in every lesson and always rises to the challenge like Geoffrey. Her writing has gone from strength to strength and she is now much more confident to offering her ideas in class.

Lexi – Lexi has worked hard this year and she has developed into a confident learner.