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Awesome Arts


For the first half of the Spring Term our topic is Awesome Arts. In the first week back we will be taking part in different 'art' workshops including Shadow Puppetry, a Pantomime, Dance workshops and Junk Percussion. During this topic we will be learning about some famous artists: Pablo Picasso, Andy Goldsworthy, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh and William Morris. This topic will allow us to develop the different knowledge and skills needed for us to be artists and throughout the weeks we will be completing a variety of art based activities including drawing, painting, drama and dance! We are looking forward to being able to express our creative sides through the Awesome Arts topic.


Here is a copy of the fridge words for your children to begin learning to support the work going on in the classroom over the next few weeks.

Picture 1
This week (06/01/20) we are taking inspiration from Picasso for some of the art work we are creating. We are making unusual portraits and will start with using faces of other people before drawing and colouring in our own unusual face in the Picasso style.

Junk Percussion

Still image for this video
On Friday 10th January we had a visitor come into school to show us all about junk percussion! We had so much fun playing a beat on the different junk - we can make music with just about anything! :)

Fly me to the moon!


For the second half of the Autumn term, our topic is 'Fly me to the moon', where we will be learning all about space - the Sun, the Moon, the Earth and all of the other planets within our solar system. Within this topic we will also learn about why we have day and night, the four seasons and the different weather patterns associated with them. We will be carrying out lots of science and art and design activities, linked to our topic. Here are a copy of the fridge words for your children to begin learning.

Picture 1

Rocket Making 


This week the children have been making their own rockets using plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and kitchen roll tubes. They have had so much fun designing their rockets and deciding which materials would be the most appropriate to use and then having the opportunity to bring them to life with their classmates! 

Solar System Models


We have been learning about the solar system in our topic lessons, in particular the movement of the Earth and moon. We learnt that we have day and night because the Earth is spinning on an axis so for some of the day we are facing the Sun but at night time we face away from it. We now know that it takes a whole day to complete one spin. We also learnt that the Earth (and moon) are orbiting around the Sun and one orbit takes a whole year. To help us visualise what this looks like we made moveable models to help us see how the Sun stays still while everything else in our solar system moves around it.

Our solar system models

Our solar system models 1 A moveable solar system model from 1BF
Our solar system models 2 Another moveable solar system model from 1BF

Planetarium Visit


This week the children got to experience travelling to the moon! We had so much fun learning about space, the solar system and the stars that we can see in the night sky. The children particularly enjoyed going inside the planetarium and seeing footage of the first men on the moon! 


This has linked in with our 'fly me to the moon' topic this week, as the children have been learning about the Earth, Moon and Sun and making models to demonstrate how they orbit one another. 

Mystery object crashed into our school

Still image for this video
This week, we have been predicting what this mystery object could be and where it could have come from. Some of us thought that it could have been an alien's spaceship, others thought it could have been an astronauts rocket, some even guessed that it was a satellite from outer space! What do you think it could be?



Our new topic for the rest of Autumn term one is 'Ipswich' so the children can find out all about their local area. So far in Geography, the children have learnt that Ipswich is a town, in the county of Suffolk and that we live in England within the United Kingdom. They have had the opportunity to locate Ipswich on a map and have looked at aerial views of Ipswich and the UK on Google Earth. They now also know the four countries within the UK; and the capital city of England. The children have been learning lots of new vocabulary too and are beginning to understand the meanings of such words like: town, village, city, county, country, rural and urban.


In the coming weeks we will be looking more specifically at Ipswich landmarks, learning about the different buildings around town and the methods of transport that we have here. Then we will move on to the more historical aspects of Ipswich, in which we will explore how Ipswich has changed over the years and learn a little bit about the historical figures of our schools house team namesakes - Wolsey, Giles, Cobbold and Catchpole (see below for full names).


At the end of this topic, the children will then have the opportunity to participate in a trip around Ipswich.

Local Area Walk


On Friday afternoon (September 20th) we went on a local area walk along Bramford Road, Surbiton Road, Kitchener Road, Norwich Road, Cromer Road and back to school along Bramford Lane. We looked at the different houses and buildings in our area to help us learn more about where we live. It was lots of fun and we talked about the different buildings we see and go in in our local area.


We were also very happy to see a freight train crossing over the bridge on Norwich Road. There were lots of carriages - too many for us to count! Below are some photos of what we saw on our walk.

Pictures from our Local Area Walk

Pictures from our Local Area Walk 1 We saw some terraced houses
Pictures from our Local Area Walk 2
Pictures from our Local Area Walk 3 The post box on Bramford Lane
Pictures from our Local Area Walk 4
Pictures from our Local Area Walk 5 Springfield Junior School
Pictures from our Local Area Walk 6 A detached house on Norwich Road
Pictures from our Local Area Walk 7
Pictures from our Local Area Walk 8 A police car on Norwich Road!
Pictures from our Local Area Walk 9 Walking past a bus stop
Pictures from our Local Area Walk 10 A freight train crossing the rail bridge!
Pictures from our Local Area Walk 11 Flats on Cromer Road
Pictures from our Local Area Walk 12 Some bungalows on Cromer Road
Pictures from our Local Area Walk 13 A house with solar panels on the roof
Pictures from our Local Area Walk 14 St Thomas the Apostle Church tower
Pictures from our Local Area Walk 15 The rail bridge on Bramford Road

Next week in topic lessons (week beginning 30th September) we will be learning about the local historical figures that our four school houses are named after: Thomas Wolsey, John Cobbold, Margaret Catchpole and Carl Giles. Please share anything you might know about these people with your child - we would love to hear from them what they know!


Also a reminder that letters for our trip into Ipswich were sent out on Tuesday 24th September - please read and return signed consent forms as soon as possible. Many thanks, the Year 1 team.

Our Ipswich Trip


On Thursday 10th October we went on our trip into Ipswich to see the sights in our town. We were dropped off at the Waterfront by The Old Customs House and we walked in the sunshine towards the University. From here we walked back along the Waterfront towards Bridge Street and we were able to see all the different shops, cafes and flats. Some of the blocks of flats were very tall! We had lots of fun looking at the boats while at the Waterfront too.


As we walked onto Bridge Street we were able to see the Octopus graffiti and from here we walked past St Peter's Church, onto St Peter's Street. While walking towards the Corn Exchange we could see the statue of Thomas Wolsey and the Giles Statue. The market stalls were set up along Queen's Street and it was interesting to see what was being sold at the different stalls.


From here we walked towards the bus station by Sailmakers and we saw lots of buses and taxis, and even a big double decker bus! We used the traffic lights to cross over Crown Street and from here we could see Crown Pools and from here we walked towards Christchurch Park.


We entered the park through the Soane Street entrance and from here we had plenty of time to enjoy a snack before going into the Ed Sheeran exhibition in the Wolsey Art Gallery. We had time to explore inside the mansion and see the old paintings, furniture and clothes - very different to what we have now!


After this we had lunch outside the mansion and lots of time to run around in the play area which was very fun. From here we headed back to the coach for a tour of Ipswich which went past the hospital on Heath Road, as well as going over the Orwell Bridge. If we looked carefully we could even see the River Orwell below!


Our trip was a great way to see some more of where we live and put all of the learning we have been doing to use. We can all talk confidently about where we live and have a much better understanding of our local area and all the things we can do here.

Ipswich Trip Photos

Ipswich Trip Photos 1
Ipswich Trip Photos 2
Ipswich Trip Photos 3
Ipswich Trip Photos 4
Ipswich Trip Photos 5
Ipswich Trip Photos 6

All About Me


For the first two weeks of Autumn term one, our topic was 'All about me'. The children had the opportunity to talk about themselves and tell us all about their summer holidays. We got to hear all about their families, the things that they enjoy doing and we learned about their strengths, weaknesses, goals and aspirations too.


The children then got to learn about the different parts of the body and the five senses within Science. We also had the opportunity to do lots of Art work within this topic, whereby the children made collages of themselves in their school uniforms and drew their own half self-portraits which were fantastic!


Pictures to come...