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Transition to the Junior School

Transition to Year 3 in 2020.

Transition dates are usually set to begin during the second part of the Spring term; once parents have been notified of their child's place in the subsequent Junior or Primary school, as they move from Year 2 onto Year 3. A parent meeting had been scheduled for April 2020, however, with school closures this was not possible, but I want to assure you that even though your child is not at school, both Springfield Junior School and ourselves are busy re-arranging  how transition activities and visits will take place this year. I will be meeting with Head of Year 3 (from Springfield Junior School) Ms Whitmore on the 1st of May and I will add new information to the website to keep you informed throughout the process, as soon as new plans are set in place. Please contact the school if you have any queries or concerns regarding transition. Thank you, Mrs Phillips.

Transition to the Junior School 

During October 2019 all the parents signed to say that had received information about applying to the Junior School for a place for September 2020. Parents will hear whether they have been allocated a space in April if they have applied for a place for their child online by the closing date.

Transition Dates and Activities for Year 2



  • 04/03/2019 Transition dates shared at the Infant school
  • 11/03/2019 Year 3 teachers visit the year 2 classes and children
  • 5/4/2019 Invitations sent to the children to invite them to the first transition afternoon
  • 25/4/2019 The children's first activity afternoon
  • 21/05/2019 The children's second transition afternoon
  • 05/06/2019 Miss. Whitmore and Mrs. Phillips will meet to create the class lists, please submit any class requests in writing before 03/05/2019 to Mrs Head.
  • 19/6/19 Year 2 parents are invited to the Junior school for a brief tour and class lists will be shared at the meeting on this date (letters will be sent from the Junior School nearer the date)
  • 27/06/2019 Year 2 children will visit their new teacher and share a story in their new class
  • 02/07/2019 Moving up morning, the children will spend the morning at the Junior School     (all children please come and register as usual at the Infant School, the teachers will escort the children across for the morning and back in time for lunch)
  • If you have any further queries please see Mrs. Phillips or if you wish to contact the Junior school directly their office telephone number is: 01473 741300
After the transition meeting in March we have finalised some key dates for transition activities and dates for visits to the the Junior school. We have as yet not set the final transition day where the children will spend the afternoon with their new teachers in Year 3. As soon as a date is confirmed you will be notified. Thank you, Mrs. Phillips.

Transition Dates 2019

Transition Information 2019

Behind the scenes transition meetings have already been taking place between the Infant and Junior School. Staff from the two schools have now set dates for most of the transition activities taking place. Our first meeting  with parents is to share the dates we have scheduled, please see the details below.

Year 2 Transition letter to parents 25.02.19.


Year 2 Parents – Transition to the Junior School.


Dear parents,

We would like to invite you into school on Monday 4th March 2019 at 2.40 p.m. for a brief transition meeting at the Infants school. At the meeting key transition and activity dates that have been scheduled will be shared with you. Mrs. Whitmore (the head of year 3 at Springfield Junior School) will also be present to discuss any concerns you may have at this point.

Thank you, Mrs Phillips.

We have a number of things in place throughout the academic year to support our children with their transition to the Junior School. Below are the plans for the current academic year.


  • AUTUMN TERM 2017
  • October –  Infants and Juniors meet to discuss the last transition and make amendments where needed for the next one.
  • December – Year 2 children invited to see the Junior School Christmas production.
  • SPRING TERM 2018
  • January – meeting for Year 2 parents to share activities planned for the year ahead.
  • January to July – Year 2 classes to have weekly story time at the Juniors.
  • March – Year 3 teachers make an informal visit to the Infants, meet the classes and go outside at playtime.
  • March – Year 2 staff take the children to the Juniors for an activities afternoon led by the Year 3 teachers.
  • SUMMER TERM 2018
  • May – parents invited to submit any class group concerns to Mrs Head ahead of Year 3 classes being put together.
  • June – Year 2 parents invited to the Juniors during the school day. This will include a tour of the school, an introduction to the Year 3 staff and a talk about the Junior School.
  • June – Year 2 staff take the children to the Juniors for an activities afternoon led by the Year 3 teachers.
  • July – moving up day. Children spend time in their new class with their new teacher.
  • July - Junior School Ambassadors to meet Year 2 children to introduce themselves, answer any of the children’s questions about the Junior School and to share their experiences of life at the Junior School.
  • July – Year 2 teachers meet with the Year 3 teachers to discuss each individual child who is moving up.
  • July – pupil information transferred between the two schools (office paperwork, children’s work, pupil attainment data).


The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators and Family Support Workers from the two schools liaise closely with each other throughout the year.