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Ipswich Local Area Walk


On Friday 20th September, Year One will be going on a local area walk as part of our Ipswich topic to look at local shops, houses and buildings. The trip will take place in the afternoon and will last approximately one hour, at which point we will return to school in time for home time.

Ipswich Trip


As part of our ‘Ipswich’ topic in school, we have organised an educational visit to Ipswich which will include a walk around town and lunch at Christchurch Mansion. We will then be picked up by coach and taken on a mini tour around Ipswich before returning to school. This will be a wonderful opportunity for the children to experience first hand all that we have been learning about in class and take some photos of the buildings and structures we have talked about. The trip will take part during normal school hours on Thursday 10th October 2019.  We will aim to leave school at approximately 09.15am and will return in time for 3:15pm. This trip will be funded by the school.


On the day of the trip your child will need:


  • A packed lunch (no chocolate/sweets) in a back pack style bag. 
  • 2 small spare drinks (no fizzy drink /cans/glass bottles).
  • To wear School uniform.
  • To wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • To bring a waterproof jacket/coat/wellies if raining.
Picture 1 1CM next to the Giles Statue
Picture 1 1BF at the Giles Statue