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Week 8 - 08.06.20

Please note that the online activities are now the same as the paper packs that are available for collection from school. If you are unable to print off the worksheets and feel that it would be easier to complete the activities using the worksheets, then please visit the school for collection. 

For this half term we will be moving onto our new topic 'Take off to Tokyo,' where we will be learning about the different countries around the world. This week we will be learning about the Amazon Rainforest.



What a rainforest is and where in the world they can be found.

Use the powerpoint above or information you can find in an atlas or on the internet to find out what rainforests are and where in the world they can be found.

Use the information you gather to colour them in on the map found below.


Challenge - Can you find out what specific things they have that make them rainforests? What else can we find in a rainforest?


Classifying different rainforest animals.

Classifying Animals

Watch the video above to learn about the different ways we classify animals. For our rainforest animals we are going to concentrate on reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals. So make sure you pay close attention to those parts of the video.

When you have finished there is a sorting activity where you must cut out the pictures of the animals and stick them on the sheet by putting them in the correct group by classifying them as reptiles, amphibians, birds or mammals.


The different layers of the rainforest.

Watch the videos and read the powerpoint below to find out about rainforests and their different layers. Pay close attention to information about how the layers are different and what kind of animals live on each. You may also find information in books or on the internet.

The following sheet has a diagram of the rainforest layers for you to label and stick animals on the correct layer where they can most commonly be found.

Explore the Rainforest!

BBC Rainforests | Geography


Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and what can we do to help save the rainforests.

Today we're learning about the incredible rate at which the Amazon rainforest is being cut down and the impact it has on the animals and plants which call it home.

In the following videos there is information about the deforestation and the reasons why it is happening in countries, such as Brazil, Peru and Colombia.

Lastly, there is a video on what we can do here in this country to help save the rainforests. Use the sheet below to draw pictures to create a poster showing what people can do to help stop deforestation.

Climate 101: Deforestation | National Geographic

Fresh Kids - What is Deforestation?

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle


Cultural celebration.


In many countries in South America they have a huge celebration called carnival. It is a 5 day party where people celebrate life, happiness and their country. Read this PowerPoint presentation with information about the carnival and watch the video about Lucile as she makes a carnival costume. Pay close attention to how the costumes look. What colours are they? What shapes can you see? How would you describe the size and materials?


Use the sheet below to design your own costume for a carnival. It can be for a country like Brazil, or you can design it to represent you in the United Kingdom.


When you're done, you can ask an adult to find some objects around the house that you can use for junk percussion. If you remember back to our Awesome Arts topic, you already had a lesson on this in the hall. Boxes, pots and pans, plastic tubs etc. all make great percussion instruments. You can make your own samba music to dance to for carnival!