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Week 9 - 15.06.20

This week we are learning all about the continent Africa.


Monday – Can you find the continent Africa on the map that you have at home? See if you can spot it on Google Earth too – zoom in to have a look at what the land on Africa looks like.




Now we are going to find out some interesting facts about Africa. Click on the powerpoint below to find out more.

One of Africa’s most famous leaders was called Nelson Mandela. We are going to write about the reasons why he was such an important leader and how he helped to change the lives of African people. Let’s read some information about him (see the links below):

Now let’s make our own fact files on Nelson Mandela using the facts you’ve learnt. If you have a printer then you can use the sheet that is attached below to complete this activity. If not, you can create your own fact file or collect a pack from school.

Challenge – Can you research another famous African leader that has made positive changes?

Tuesday – Today we are learning about some African culture. African culture and tradition is expressed through many different forms such as art and crafts, clothing, music, dance and food. Some types of African art include bold, bright colours, prints and patterns, beadwork, wooden sculptures and many more. The music tends to be lively and upbeat, with the use of lots of different percussion instruments. Let’s find out some more information...use the powerpoint below.

We are going to make our own African patterns today. Here are some examples of African patterns.




What do you notice? What shapes can you see? What colours are being used? Are the patterns repetitive?

First have a go at colouring in or painting this African pattern (see link below) – practise your colouring/painting skills. How neatly can you colour/paint? Can you stay within the lines? Try mixing some colours if you are painting. Think carefully about what colours you would use.

Challenge – Can you create your own African pattern now? Think about the shapes and colours you might use.


Wednesday – Today we are going to learn about some African animals. Let’s watch a video about Africa and its animals. See how many you can spot. Look out for the Big 5! The Big 5 is a name given to the largest and most dangerous African animals: lion, leopard, African elephant, rhinoceros and Cape buffalo. The Big Five name was also given by hunters to name the five most difficult animals to hunt on foot.

Africa | Destination World

Which animals did you see? Did you spot any of the Big 5?


Can you describe the habitat of where these animals live? Do you think they live in a hot or cold climate – and what clues tell you about the climate? Which of these animals are predators? Which are the prey? Which animals are herbivores (eats plants), carnivores (eats meat) and omnivores (eats plants and meat)? Aside from the Big 5, can you find out what other animals you might find in Africa?


Challenge - Can you have a go at researching and then sorting the animals out in to herbivores, omnivores and carnivores?

Thursday – Today we are going to write a fact file about an African animal. First you will need to choose an animal using the fact sheets (below). Then you will need to choose some interesting facts from the text to make your own fact file. You can even do your own research to find out some extra facts!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Friday – Today we are going to write riddles about African animals. A riddle is a word game. It is a description of something that doesn't say what it is. It gives you descriptive clues, that start off hard, then get easier. You need to make a guess of what it is. Read these riddles below and then decide what animal is being described.


What am I? I have pink skin. I like to play in the mud. I live on a farm. My tail is short and curly. I have a nose called a snout. I make an oink sound. What am I? I am a ____________________


Did you guess right? – A pig!


What am I? I live in the jungle. I have very sharp teeth and claws. I can run very fast. I hunt other animals to eat. I am a kind of big cat. I have orange fur and black stripes. What am I? I am a ______________


Did you guess right? – A tiger!


Now it’s your turn. First you will need to plan your riddle using the planning sheet below.  Choose an African animal and use the animal fact sheets that you used yesterday to help you. Once you’ve planned your riddle, you can then write it up neatly using the write up sheet below. Here are some tips to help you:


  • Choose 5 facts about your animal to write about in your riddle.
  • The facts should start hard, then get easier.
  • Remember – don’t write which animal you have chosen until the very end of your riddle!
  • Don’t forget to draw a picture of your animal at the end.

Challenge – Can you use any adjectives in your writing to describe the characteristics of your chosen animal? For example: “It has a ‘short and curly’ tail”.