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Parents and Carers


Throughout this policy there have been many references to working with parents and carers.  We consider this partnership to be a crucial part of our work as educators and for pupils with SEND, it is vital to ensuring that the very best provision and support can be put into place.  Parents’ and carers’ views are always valued and listened to and any feedback is welcomed.  There will be times when parents and carers may feel overwhelmed when their child is presenting with difficulties at school and at home, or they may have just received a diagnosis; the SENDCo will always endeavour to support parents and carers in these situations and whenever possible, will signpost them to relevant support services and independent advice groups.


We can also offer parents free parenting courses online and through in house training from our family support worker. We are also developing a parenting hub that will offer advice and training further developing parental links with school. These dates will be advertised accordingly.


Evaluation of SEND


The SENDCo is responsible for evaluating SEND provision in school and the Headteacher and governors are responsible for evaluating the work of the SENDCo.  This evaluation includes the attainment and achievement of pupils with SEND; the teaching and support of pupils with SEND; the interventions and provision for pupils with SEND; the social and emotional wellbeing of pupils with SEND; the training and guidance for SEND and the consistent updating of skills and knowledge for SEND both locally and nationally.


We work closely with other professionals including our in house speech and language therapist who offers opportunities for parents to meet with 1:1 and discuss their child's progress. Parents are informed of these meetings via invitation and can sign up accordingly.



Complaints Procedure for SEND


Where a parent or carer has a SEND related complaint, they should always attempt to resolve this directly with the school.  This should involve an initial meeting with the SENDCo and only be referred on to the Headteacher if a resolve is not reached.  If the Headteacher is unable to resolve the issue, or the complaint involves the Headteacher and SENDCo, the governing body should then be approached.  The governor for SEND can be contacted via a telephone call to the school office.  If a complaint is not resolved at school level, the Local Authority should be contacted and this is often most effectively accomplished with the support of SENDIASS, who can also advise on the next steps if the Local Authority do not resolve an issue.  Ultimately there is an SEN Tribunal service that can be contacted.



***We take all forms of bullying extremely seriously so if you are concerned about a child please refer to our school bullying policy for further information or alternatively speak to a member of staff. 


Transition Arrangements


Transition for pupils with SEND will involve the support that is available to all pupils in the school, with the addition of the input of the SENDCo.  The SENDCo will liaise with other SENDCos and with the Local Authority to ensure that information is shared when pupils with SEND are joining the school or leaving the school.  Where necessary, this will also involve liaising with outside agencies and/or parents and carers and may include input from the Family Support Worker.  This work mainly revolves around Reception and Year 2 pupils but on occasions can involve other year groups.  The SENDCo will also ensure that as pupils with SEND move into a new year group or key stage, information is shared and early introductions are made.  We have a well-established transition programme with Springfield Junior school for our children moving into Year 3. We also liaise closely with our preschools and endeavour to visit pupils with identified needs prior to starting school. Children within our Nursery also have access to a variety of resources used throughout the school to support SEND.


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